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Harder & Steenbeck INFINITY Airbrush Solo

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Harder & Steenbeck INFINITY Solo Airbrush gravity feed with self-centering nozzle

Buy with confidence from Harder & Steenbeck Factory Dealer in USA. You've qualified for the free service of your HS airbrush.

The high-tech airbrush instrument for professional artists. This new airbrush not only sets new standards in design, but it also offers intelligent functions and ergonomic excellence.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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Mark L.
Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Solo

Incredible airbrush with excellent control, wonderful for detail work and stunningly made.

andre ferreira
Excelente pincel

Amo esse aerografo pode comprar de olho fechados, a spraygunner a melhor loja que existe , gostaria que fosse no Brasil

Bruce Boatner
Design Engineer compares Infinity vs. Micron

The Infinity Solo is most closely comparable to the Iwata Micron CM-B, but I will also include comparisons with the CM-C+, both of which I own and have used extensively.

On the Infinity, the trigger spring tension knob is accessible without removing the handle. The CM-C+ has a cut-out in the handle, but you cannot access the tension knob, and the CM-B has no cutout, so both require removal of the handle for trigger tension adjustment.

When attaching the Iwata handles, one must insert the back end of the needle into the hole of the trigger limit mechanism by feel. On the Infinity it is clearly visible through the opening in the handle, making the operation much easier.

The Infinity handle attaches snugly to the body with a single turn while the Iwatas have to be screwed on multiple turns. This may seem like a trivial detail, but overall, the fit, finish and feel of the Infinity clearly reveals the attention to detail that has been afforded this product. Gotta love those Germans!

The trigger limit mechanism on the Infinity is brilliant. You can disengage it with a pull and engage it instantly with a push of the little ball-bearing button at the end of the handle. It engages with a satisfying click and the limit can be set both while it is engaged or disengaged. This ability to instantly disengage the trigger limit is incredibly valuable. With the CM-C+ you have to unscrew the limiter in order to pull the needle chuck and blow out the needle, and on the CM-B you have to remove the handle completely.

The Infinity needle has little notches at its back end to facilitate easy removal and handling. The Infinity is not a boutique product and should the need arise, spare parts and accessories are reasonably priced and readily available.

On the Infinity there is a tiny funnel-like shape in the needle chuck assembly that ensures that the needle is fed into the assembly straight. The Iwata needles can be damaged by inserting them with incorrect alignment.

The chrome interior surface of the CM-Bs paint cup quickly wore off, revealing bare copper from using the nylon Iwata cup cleaning brush. It is also not unusual to see older Iwatas with the finish rubbed off. The finish on the Infinity appears to be far superior.

I paid twice as much for the CM-B as I did for the Infinity Solo, and I would consider the latter to be a superior product. How can that be? First, I think with Iwata youre paying for the name, as most of us believe(d) that it is the industry standard. Secondly: over-packaging. The Microns come in a very fancy aluminum box, which is wrapped in a micro-fiber cloth emblazoned with their logo. I would not be at all surprised if this adds $50+ to the cost of the product. Unless youre taking your artwork on the road all the time, its just expensive bling taking up space on your shelf. The Infinity comes is a nice plastic box, one that you wouldnt mind keeping, but that you wouldnt feel too guilty about discarding, either. Growing up in Tokyo, I became very familiar with the Japanese focus on presentation, and wasteful over-packaging.

The Infinity has an innovative needle tip guard that protects the needle while allowing instant access to remove tip-dry. The tip guard slips on snugly, can be rotated easily, and does not need to be removed, even for daily cleaning. In the included booklet, H&S recommends against over-cleaning and the between-color washout and daily cleaning is very easy.

The spray patterns of the Iwata Microns and the Infinity are all excellent. The Infinity, with its .015 needle is obviously capable of finer lines than the .018 CM-B and .023 CM-C+. In order to achieve hairline-thin results, the tip guards must be removed from the Iwatas, risking damage. The Infinity can work within several millimeters of the surface and still maintain protection of the needle with its open-design tip guard in place.

Another advantage of the unique tip guard design is that back-flushing and bubble-mixing can be easily accomplished with the guard attached, as opposed to jabbing yourself with an exposed Iwata needle.

The Infinity comes with a quick-disconnect hose fitting that matches the industry-standard Iwata connector sizes. One less thing to buy.

In conclusion, I would say that the H&S Infinity is the superior product at a very attractive price point. I continue to discover and appreciate H&S features and attention to detail, the longer I use the Infinity. And to be slightly unscientific for just a moment, Ive got to say that it looks very cool. I cant believe H&S products are not recognized as the gold standard of the industry.

Bruce Boatner
Meridian, ID

Michael Smoley
Makes others look and feel like low buck junk

This H&S is a dream machine compared to Badger and Passche and probably Iwata too. It's machine quality is legend and it's looks make you smile without even touching it. The trigger action is warm butter smooth, and balance it amazing. I have only sprayed ink and water mix through mine with the 0.15mm setup so far. But thinking of dumping ALL my Badgers and buying more H&S Infinity Quality. If you want a great airbrush with the highest quality in the world, get a H&S Infinity, you won't regret it. Thanks Spraygunner for a great price and super fast shipping.

Does what it is supposed to. Well.

Because of .015 tip, it's really important to keep tip clean while spraying as it clogs easily. Paint must be thinned right. maybe just a little thinner than you would say, a .035. Provides excellent results.