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Grex Tritium.TG5

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Grex Tritium.TG5 Grex Airbrush
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Airbrush Grex Tritium.TG5 (0.5mm Nozzle)


Type: Double Action Pistol Style

Fluid Nozzle: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, or 0.5mm (Sold separately)

Feed Type: Top Gravity

Fluid Capacity: 2mL (1/20 oz.), 7mL (1/4 oz.), 15mL (1/2 oz.)

Weight: 180g (6.4 oz.)

Length: 159mm (6.25")

Oper. Pressure: 5 ~ 80psi (0.34 ~ 5.52bar)

The Grex Tritium.TG5 Airbrush is a cutting-edge tool designed for precise control and fine detailed work. This double action pistol style airbrush features an easy-to-use "pull" trigger that controls both air and paint, allowing for effortless control and seamless blending.

The Grex Tritium.TG5 is equipped with an internally mixed media system, ensuring fine atomization and even paint distribution. The ergonomic pistol handgrip is designed with a textured surface, providing a firm and comfortable grip for extended use.

One of the standout features of the Grex Tritium.TG5 is the patented Quick-Fit™ needle caps, which are quick and easy to set up and remove, saving time and effort. The Quick-Fit™ crown cap allows for detailed spraying close to the work surface, enabling precise and intricate work.

With interchangeable top mount reservoirs, the Grex Tritium.TG5 offers flexibility to cater to different project sizes. The cup design allows optimal paint flow, even when the airbrush is held at an angle. The integrated paint cup is easy to clean and perfect for working with minute amounts of paint.

The Grex Tritium.TG5 features a preset adjustment knob for precise control of paint volume, allowing for greater control over the end result. The airbrush is also equipped with replaceable solvent-proof Teflon seals, making it suitable for use with all types of media.

This airbrush comes with three reservoirs: 2mL (1/20 oz.), 7mL (1/4 oz.), and 15mL (1/2 oz.), providing options for different project sizes and paint requirements. The precisely machined stainless steel nozzle and needle ensure durability and consistent performance.

The Grex Tritium.TG5 features a new nozzle design for improved air flow and durability. The heavy nickel chrome plated housing adds to the airbrush's durability, while the convenient and easy-to-clean design allows for hassle-free maintenance.

For those looking to experiment with different nozzle sizes, optional conversion kits are available, allowing for easy customization and versatility. The Grex Tritium.TG5 is the perfect tool for artists and hobbyists looking for exceptional control and precision in their airbrushing projects.

Customer Reviews

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Gary Roberts
Grex Tritium TG5

Excellent airbrush, great quality

Christopher Font
A joy to use

As my first trigger-style brush, I couldn't be happier. The accessories, modular components, adaptability and build quality are what sold me.
Why spent more on an Iwata that can only do a quarter of what the Tritium series brushes can do?
I swear I don't work for them.
I'm a sucker for well manufactured components made in America. This thing looks and feels like it can take a beating and yet paints elegantly once you get the hang of the trigger.
Couple that with the ability to change to ANY of Grex' needle size offerings, a fan spray cap (ordered separately but worth every penny), different pot sizes, and a VERY decent price point?
Great brush for beginners, intermediates and masters of the craft. The green color scheme is a little garrish to me - my only complaint being I wish they offered some color choices - but I get that it's their branding and color code.
Can't tell Coca-Cola to come out with a blue label now, can you?
Shout out to Spraygunner for being such a clutch resource. Here in South Florida, we don't have much in terms of distributors and art supply stores that carry what you're looking for.

Richard R.

Great airbrush. Very high-quality and well worth the price. Am very pleased with it. Thanks for the guys at spraygunner for recommending it. I want to give a shout out to Major for the info on the wicked paint and the help with the stynylrez primer and say thanks to John for trying to help with the promotion offer.

Curt W Butts
Grex tg5

Received in good shape due to wendy's oversight in shipping gun works great use to have grex guns then switched but had to come back to grex easy to use and clean spraygunner- thx

Tritium TG

Nice quality and excellent features. Easy to use.