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Grex Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set with 0.7mm nozzle

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Grex Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set with 0.7mm nozzle Grex Airbrush
Regular price $298.00 USD
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Grex Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set

Trigger: Double Action Trigger Style
Fluid Nozzle: 0.7mm
Feed Type: Gravity
Color Cup: 15ml and 125ml

The Grex Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set with 0.7mm nozzle is the perfect tool for all your precision spraying needs. Whether you're working on spot repairs, touch-ups, or intricate detailing, this spray gun will deliver an exceptional finish with minimal overspray.

Designed with a double-action trigger style, the Tritium.TG allows for easy control of both air and paint flow. Its cutting-edge design ensures precise control of fine detail work, while the internally mixed media system guarantees fine atomization.

The ergonomic pistol handgrip, with its textured surface, provides a firm and comfortable hold, allowing you to work for extended periods without fatigue. The patented Quick-Fit™ needle caps make setup and removal a breeze, and the Quick-Fit™ crown cap enables detailed spraying even close to the work surface.

The Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set comes with interchangeable top mount reservoirs, giving you the option to use the perfect cup size for your specific project. The cup design ensures optimal paint flow, even when the airbrush is held at an angle. The integrated paint cup is easy to clean and perfect for minute amounts of paint.

With its durable heavy nickel chrome plated housing, this spray gun is built to last. The precise machined stainless steel nozzle and needle, along with the new nozzle design for improved airflow and durability, ensure consistent performance and longevity.

The Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set includes a 10' nylon braided hose, G-MAC, 1/4"F adapter, and an airbrush carrying case, making it a comprehensive and portable solution for all your airbrushing needs.

Experience the versatility and precision of the Grex Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set with 0.7mm nozzle and take your airbrushing to the next level. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, this spray gun is a reliable and efficient tool that will enable you to achieve stunning results every time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ash Bigdeli
Amazing quality airbrush set!

Im a sculptor and prop builder in the film industry for years and I own couple dozen airbrushes and mini (spot) spray guns. This one is so far my top favourite of all them! An airbrush which can fan spray horizontally and vertically!

Jordon peace
Awesome spray gun

I use this thing on every project. Love the coverage with the fan patter. This thing sips on the paint but still get the job done.


This little thing is awesome. Was on the fence about dropping $300 on this little gun, but it was well worth it. The fan cap makes bigger objects a breeze to paint. The removable paint cup makes cleaning effortless.

Eric Bradish
Mini spray gun

This works fantastic for large scale airbrush projects. So far I only do fishing lures, but when you have a bunch to do or some of the larger ones, it kind of makes sense to pull this guy out. Great basecoat gun with the airbrush tip. The thicker createx paints atomize very well and minimal thinning is required. I plan on using the fan cap to try and spray a golf cart once the weather changes around spring. Looking forward to that!

chris henderson
sprays perfect, minus one star for difficulty cleaning

sprays like a champ. Perfect cross between an airbrush and spray gun with the .7 needle. Seems very durable and expect it to last for the long haul. Minus one star for difficulty cleaning. Still easier to clean than a badger.