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Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip

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Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Grex Airbrush
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Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip

The Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip is a revolutionary accessory designed specifically for the new Grex Genesis.XGi and XSi airbrushes. However, it is also compatible with most other airbrush brands, making it a versatile and essential tool for airbrush artists.

This slip-on ergonomic grip set is optimized for comfort and handling, providing you with the ultimate painting experience. With its two-piece set design, one for the airbrush main body and another for the trigger button, it increases the holding area of your airbrush, resulting in better control, handling, and overall comfort.

Say goodbye to hand cramps and fatigue during long painting sessions. The Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip is engineered to reduce hand strain, allowing you to paint for extended periods without discomfort. Its durable silicon grip material is not only easy to clean but also impervious to most solvents, ensuring the longevity of your grip.

The grip is designed to offer cushioning and relieve pressure points on your fingers and hands, making it ideal for airbrush users with chronic hand problems such as arthritis. Additionally, it can be a great aid for novices, easing the learning curve and making airbrushing more accessible.

Not only does the Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip fit all Grex traditional dual-action airbrushes, but it is also compatible with most popular airbrush brands and models, making it a must-have accessory for any airbrush artist.

Enhance your airbrushing skills and experience with the Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip. Unleash your creativity without the discomfort of traditional airbrush grips, and enjoy a more ergonomic and comfortable painting process. Invest in your artistry today and take your airbrushing to the next level.

Customer Reviews

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Braviz Turnbull

This thing is really nice it fits perfectly in my hand and makes it so much more comfortable holding the airbrush and helps keep it steady just a little more, also it says for grex products but I ordered it anyway and it fit right onto my iwata neo, and a few others I have, this is a must have for sure.

William W
Grex Ergonomic Airbruch Grip

Great product. Added to my Noname cordless airbrush and it works perfectly.

Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip

As someone who's getting into the hobby this was a lifesaver, my hands are average sized but my airbrush still grips nicely. Anyone without proper callus formed on their hands yet should get this.

Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip

I have big hands and fingers. Airbrushes are small and uncomfortable to hold for me. I got this grip to test out on a Creos airbrush and surprisingly it fits well. This grip has increased the feel and comfort level for me. I am satisfied with it.

Michael Kastas
Grex grip

Love this little green dude packed by Sergio!