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Grex 1/8 HP Portable Piston Air Compressor

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Voltage: 110V
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Grex 1/8 HP Portable Piston Air Compressor


Piston Type Compressor

Horse Power:

1/8 HP


0.7 cfm (20 L/min)


1700 rpm

Max. Pressure:

60 psi (4.1 bar)


11 lbs. (4.98kg)


120V / 0.96 A / 60 Hz

Noise Level:


The Grex 1/8 HP Portable Piston Air Compressor is a powerful and compact compressor designed for artists on the go. With two options available - 110V for the American market and 220V for international customers - this compressor is perfect for professionals worldwide.

Featuring an oil-less piston design, this compressor requires low maintenance, allowing you to focus on your art. The piston style provides high performance, meeting the demands of even the most skilled artists. Whether you are airbrushing, fine arts painting, or creating intricate designs, this compressor will deliver exceptional results.

The compact and portable design of the Grex 1/8 HP Portable Piston Air Compressor allows you to take it anywhere. It weighs just 11 pounds, making it easy to transport. The retractable handle stows away when not needed, adding to its portability.

Equipped with a set and lock regulator, this compressor ensures that your settings stay in place, preventing any unwanted changes. The integrated pressure gauge allows for convenient pressure readings, ensuring accuracy in your work. The built-in moisture trap with petcock release helps keep moisture out, maintaining the quality of your artwork.

For added convenience, this compressor features an integrated airbrush holder, allowing quick and easy access to your airbrush. The 12-foot long coiled plastic air hose provides easy space-saving setup, giving you the freedom to move around while working.

The Grex 1/8 HP Portable Piston Air Compressor is CE, CSA, and RoHS compliant certified, ensuring its safety and quality. With a noise level of just 55dB, it operates quietly, allowing you to concentrate on your artwork without any distractions.

If you are a professional artist looking for a reliable and high-performance compressor, the Grex 1/8 HP Portable Piston Air Compressor is the perfect choice. Its durability, convenience, and exceptional performance make it an essential tool for any artist on the go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brenton Barnett

Great small compressor at an unbeatable price. Compact and quiet. Maintenance free. Keeps up with all my airbrushes without a problem. Excellent build quality.

Ronald Farris
Grex 1/8 HP piston air compressor

I am new to airbrushing and this is my first compressor. I am happy with the size and weight. It is fairly quiet for a compressor. I felt that I needed a tank as the compressor cycles alot while spraying. I purchased a 1 gallon tank and plumbed it up to the compressor and I am very happy with the results.

Brandon Carico

Great small compressor. It runs Grex air brushes with ease. Very quiet, nice looking compressor.