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Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit (TK-2)

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Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit (TK-2) Grex Airbrush
Regular price $35.95 USD
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Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit

Fluid Nozzle size: 0.2mm

Compatible with: Tritium, Genesis.XGi, and XSi airbrushes

The 0.2mm nozzle size is perfect for fine detail work, allowing for precise and controlled lines.

The fluid nozzle, fluid needle, and nozzle cap included in the kit are all made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

The installation instructions and nozzle wrench provided make it easy and hassle-free to swap out the nozzle on your airbrush.

The Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit is compatible with the Tritium, Genesis.XGi, and XSi airbrushes, providing versatility for different airbrushing projects.

Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, this nozzle kit will enhance the performance of your airbrush, allowing you to create intricate designs with ease.

The 0.2mm nozzle size requires more airflow compared to larger nozzles, so it is recommended to use a larger compressor to ensure optimal performance.

Achieve smooth and even spray output with the Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit's precision-engineered design.

The fine detail capabilities of this nozzle size make it ideal for applications such as illustration, nail art, model painting, and automotive touch-ups.

With the Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit, you can achieve professional-level airbrushing results from the comfort of your own home or studio.

Upgrade your airbrushing experience with the Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit and take your artistic creations to the next level.

In conclusion, the Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit is a high-quality product that offers precision and versatility for airbrushing projects. With its fine detail capabilities and compatibility with various airbrush models, this kit is a must-have for artists and hobbyists alike. Upgrade your airbrushing game with the Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit and get ready to experience professional-level results.

Customer Reviews

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Randal Foster
Adds great verisitily to the tritium

I am really amazed how the tritium can go from the 7mm fan to a very fine detail brush with this kit

Great Product

Im using this needle and nozzle kit as spares for my Grex airbrush which I love and spray gunner is a great store with excellent service. But, like I was saying its great to have spare parts as its a major bummer when you accidentally dropped your airbrush and you damage the needle while in the middle of a project if you dont have spares then youre euchred until new ones come in.