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fPC Valve Complete

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for airbrush type: CR Plus & AL Plus series
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fPC Valve Complete Harder & Steenbeck
Regular price $47.75 USD
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fPC Valve Complete

Harder & Steenbeck fPc (Fine Pressure Control) Valve replaces the air valve & allows precise control of air pressure directly from your airbrush. Airflow is adjustable between 20 to 100%. A useful item which saves returning to your compressor regulator to adjust airflow.

Customer Reviews

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Todd Ferguson
H&S FPC Valve

My son purchased this for me from for my recent birthday. I installed it on my Infinity gravity feed airbrush in a couple minutes. Bottom line I love it! I can reduce the air pressure at the airbrush from 100 percent down to 20 with confidence and ease. The quality of the build is typical Harder & Steenbeck excellence. I have tried the quick connect with the adjuster screw and was unimpressed. This FPC is at an entirely different level. The downforce dome might be the cost but time and accuracy are both money in a way for me as an aging hobbist. I dont mind investing in quality tools and H&S provides that for me.

FPC Valve

Small and out of the way. I put this on my Giraldez Infinity brush. Installs in seconds. Adjustment on the valve is very stiff, at first I wasnt sure if I liked it,but its nice that the adjustment you set it to will stay put,and not go out of place.

Wayne Baker
FPC valve H&S airbrush's

A must have for your h&s Airbrush system just completes the package is ultra smooth and adds that extra bit of control to finish off an already fantastic product endorse fully would like to put them on every airbrush I own

Edgar Romo
Almost perfect

It regulates the air outlet perfectly, the only defect is the place where it is installed, because you can accidentally modify the air outlet, since it does not have a stop to avoid it.

Tom MacBride
Pressure Control Valve

You just can't imagine how nice this is till you use it! So precise, nothing like or resembling the screw on a quick release connector.
SprayGunner the best customer service around, thanks for all your help.