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Createx Illustration Colors Lifeline Master Set 2oz

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Createx Illustration Colors Lifeline Master Set 2oz

The Createx Illustration Colors Lifeline Master Set 2oz is a must-have for professional artists and enthusiasts looking to achieve realistic and natural-looking illustrations. This set consists of carefully curated flesh-toned colors that perfectly complement the Bloodline collection, allowing for seamless blending and application.

Each 2oz bottle in this set is designed to spray effortlessly through an airbrush tip size of 0.3mm or larger. The Lifeline Colors are known for their exceptional transparency and flow, ensuring smooth and even coverage. For those using the smallest airbrush tip sizes, simply thin the paint with the 4011/4012 Reducer to boost transparency and improve flow.

With this Lifeline Master Set, you receive a total of 15 incredible colors. The selection includes shades like 5016 Light Olive Gold, 5017 Olive Gold, and 5018 Deep Olive Gold, offering a range of golden undertones to capture the essence of warmth and vitality. Additionally, the set includes 5019 Light Espresso, 5020 Espresso, and 5021 Deep Espresso, which provide rich and deep browns for lifelike depictions. For a touch of natural blush, you have 5022 Fair Blush, 5023 Blush, and 5024 Deep Blush. To capture the true spectrum of skin tones, the set also includes 5025 Light Natural, 5026 Natural, and 5027 Deep Natural. And for those wanting to add a touch of realism to lips, the set features 5028 Natural Lip. Lastly, the set provides 5029 Cool Tone for those looking to add a touch of coolness to their illustrations.

The 4011 High Performance Reducer, included in this set, allows for further customization and control over your artwork. Thin the paints to your desired consistency for optimal performance with any airbrush tip size.

Invest in the Createx Illustration Colors Lifeline Master Set 2oz today and elevate your artistic creations to unprecedented levels of realism. With its exceptional range of flesh-toned colors and superior performance, this set is sure to become an indispensable tool in your artistic arsenal.

Contains 2oz. each

  • 5016 Light Olive Gold
  • 5017 Olive Gold
  • 5018 Deep Olive Gold
  • 5019 Light Espresso
  • 5020 Espresso
  • 5021 Deep Espresso
  • 5022 Fair Blush
  • 5023 Blush
  • 5024 Deep Blush
  • 5025 Light Natural
  • 5026 Natural
  • 5027 Deep Natural
  • 5028 Natural Lip
  • 5029 Cool Tone
  • 4011 High Performance Reducer

Illustration Colors, Illustration Opaque Colors, Bloodline, Lifeline, Gibson Grays
Acrylic Resin, Lightfast Pigments, Archival Grade Paint

Edited August 2023 – This tech sheet supersedes any other inconsistent information, including the label.


Illustration Colors are low-viscosity airbrush paints designed for refined atomization and flow through the smallest of airbrush tip sizes, at low psi settings, without a stippled pattern when faded from a tint to a saturated color.

All Illustration Colors dry to a matte finish. Illustration Colors, Bloodline and Lifeline are transparent paints with no filler added and made with a saturated pigment volume for semi-opaque coverage out of the bottle. Illustration Opaque Colors have added filler for increased coverage. All color types share the same resin and are collectively herein referred to as “Illustration Colors”.

Soft Erasing Feature of Illustration Colors

Illustration Colors are unique in that the final cure is delayed for 48-hours, during which the colors may be “soft erased” for subtle manipulation. After this open cure window, Illustration Colors cure to a hard coating. When mixed with 4030, Illustration Colors do not soft erase.
Developed by artist Dru Blair, Illustration Colors work excellent for reductive techniques and manipulation of the paint while it cures. For exceptional airbrush technique instruction, visit

5090 Illustration Transparent Base

5090 is the acrylic-resin base to Illustration Colors without pigment added. 5090 dries to a transparent, matte finish.
Use 5090 to extend Illustration Colors by mixing in any ratio without affecting adhesion.  Adding 5090 to colors does not affect shelf-life.
Mix colors with 5090, then thin colors intended for use with 4011 Reducer to colors intended for use within 48-hours.

5090 may also be used a light, clear for interior applications, which will create a uniform, matte finish over colors. This helps when colors are over-reduced and may appear satin or semi-gloss. 5090 creates a uniform, matte sheen when applied over colors.

5092 Createx Flex Additive

5092 Flex Additive is made for painting latex and other flexible substrates such as flexible foams & urethanes. 5092 Flex Additive was formerly called Bloodline Latex Adhesion Promoter; it’s the same product. Mixing 5092 to Createx paints including Illustration Colors and Bloodline improves flexibility, so paint won’t chip or crack when latex, flexible foam & urethane substrates, and more.

Mix 5092 with Createx paints and apply direct to the substrate after cleaning (use 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean, then wipe with a lint-free cloth).

Mix 5092 ~ 20% to 100% (1:1) v/v with colors, then thin as needed with 4011 Reducer, generally 10% v/v. Colors take longer to dry when mixed with 5092. Allow for extended drying in-between coats. Do not use heat to cure. Colors will remain tacky for an extended period after mixing with 5092. Minimize tack by applying colors in light coats, allowing each to air dry so they appear matte before applying the next coat of paint.

Bloodline & Lifeline

Developed by special FX artist Tim Gore, Bloodline and Lifeline are muted colors with earthy undertones for unique undertones, perfect for hyper real effects. Bloodline appear as over-saturated, dark hues at full saturation, and when applied in lighter, tint-strength coats showing underlying hues that are  rich and earthy for excellent color blending

Airbrush & Spray-Gun Settings

Illustration Colors spray out-of-the-bottle through any tip-sized airbrush at a wide variety of settings. Although most artist will lower the paint’s viscosity by thinning with 4011 Reducer 5% - 20% per volume, Illustration Colors spray well without thinning.

Airbrush: Any tip size
Spray-Gun: 1.2mm – 1.3mm
Mini-Gun: 0.8 – 1.2mmFollow spray-gun manufacturer’s psi recommendations.

Mixing & Thinning (“Reducing”)

Illustration Colors spray out-of-the-bottle through any tip-sized airbrush at a wide variety of psi settings without thinning. However, most artists prefer thinning colors.
Thin colors with 4011 Reducer, generally 5% - 20% per volume for airbrush, and 5% - 10% per volume for spray-gun.
The amounts paint is thinned vary as per many factors such as airbrush tip-size, technique and color type. The viscosity of specific colors varies which affects how much reducer is needed to thin colors to the same flow & atomization. For example, Burnt Umber, a thick heavy pigmented color, will require more than Yellow to spray the same.
Subjective preferences also play a role. These mixing guidelines are just a starting reference. If adding excessive amounts of 4011, look o also adding 5090 Transparent Base.

Mixing (contd.)

For painting hard-surface and rigid substrates, mixing Illustration Colors with 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear works excellent, making an acrylic – urethane resin blend which has improved adhesion, flow and durability when painting substrates such as plastic, metal and existing finishes.

  • Add 4030 or 4050 10% per volume to colors, then thin as needed with 4011 Reducer.
  • 4030 is a lower viscosity compared to 4050, and colors mixed with it require less thinning with 4011 Reducer.

After mixing colors with 4011 Reducer, allow for 10+ minutes before spraying so the alcohol breaks down the water’s surface tension, for improved flow and leveling.

Only add 4011 to colors intended for use within 48-hours as 4011 promotes curing. Best practice for extending the shelf-life of colors mixed with 4011 Reducer is to keep the cap completely closed and bottle kept air-tight unless pouring paint. Store in a cabinet or box away from direct light, cold or excessive heat.

Drying Times and Humidity

Dry Times & Curing are set to a constant temperature of
70⁰F / 21⁰C and 50% Relative Humidity. Extend drying times in colder temperatures down to 60 F⁰ / 16⁰C.

  • Painting in lower temperatures is not recommended.
  • Allow for extended air-drying time when painting in humid or cold conditions, allowing each coat to dry matte before applying the next coat of paint.

Use air movement to assist drying, not direct heat. The best practice is to use a fan with air directed to flow over the painted surface, not directed at it.

To assist paint drying in humid conditions, make a reducer mixed in equal parts (1:1) with 4011 Reducer and 4020 Reducer. Use this mix to thin colors by adding up to 25% per volume. Only thin with the 4011 / 4020 Reducer mix intended for spraying within a 48-hour period and keep capped airtight unless pouring paint.

  • Time to tape is best 1-hour or more.
  • Time to top-coat with a clear, especially a solvent-based 2k clear are best 4-hours or more. Refer to the Createx Hard-Surface & Automotive Application Guide for more, available


Illustration Colors are a fluid acrylic paint.  They may be applied with a brush, airbrush, or spray-gun.

Working in light coats, with enough re-coat time for colors to dry matte and tack-free before applying the next coat is best.

Although colors may dry tack-free several minutes after application, final cure is 48-hours after application.

Top-Coat Clear

Top-coating with a clear is optional. Use Createx UVLS Clears or other clear type, Top-coat with a durable clear such as Createx UVLS Clears for exterior applications, for a gloss or satin finish, or to protect from repeated, direct handling & contact.

  • Compatible with a wide range of clear types, including solvent-based, catalyzed urethane automotive clears.
  • Sanding is not required prior to applying clear.

Cleaning after Illustration Colors Cure

Colors should only be cleaned after the paint has thoroughly dried, best 72-hours after application. Delayed cross-linking feature means it takes longer for them to dry and not be affected by a cleaning prior to top-coating with a clear.

  • When mixed with 4050 or 4030, colors are safe to clean within 4 – 6 hours air drying after application.
  • Use a solvent-based degreaser or odorless mineral spirits.

Pot-Life & Storage

Illustration Colors do not have a pot-life.
Store air-tight in a cool, dry environment away from direct list.
Keep capped air-tight when not pouring paint.  Fresh air promotes curing of paint at the surface level.

The best practice for extending the shelf-life of colors mixed with 4011 Reducer is to keep the cap completely closed and bottle kept air-tight unless pouring paint.

Health & Safety

  • Use in a well-ventilated area.  Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after use.  
  • Do not ingest. Use in a well-ventilated.
  • Wear a NIOSH / MSHA respirator when painting.
  • Eye contact: Rinse with clean water for 15 minutes.  Seek medical attention.
  • Refer to SDS for Createx Illustration Colors for more, available

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alberto Abello
createx Illustration colors are the best

The lifeline master set fits my needs, I generally run my paints thin. The lifeline master set maintains much of its richness and consistantcy when doing portraits. Unlike other brands I have used when dried, are inconsistant, at times comes out a bit flat, washed out, and the tones have changed. I would recommend createx illustration paints. Gave four stars only because of the cost.

Lori T
Lifeline master set

Using this set for jawsets for bear, bobcats, coyotes so far. So much easier to use than the Lifetone paints, using it straight out of the bottle. Ive already recommended it to other fellow taxidermists.

Great variety of tones

This set includes a fantastic variety of skin/flesh tones. I love the quick access to a tone and then a smidge of of another color to create my own custom color. I highly recommend this set to anyone painting flesh tones and needs the dependability of the tried and true createx line from an amazing seller.

Michael Thompson
Illustration lifeline Master set

I truly love it I havent used it yet. But I have seen what it can do as far as art work.