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By Createx

Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer 2-32oz

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Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer 2-32oz

The Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer is a top-tier product designed specifically for thinning water-based paint. Whether you're a professional artist or an automotive enthusiast, this premium reducer is the perfect solution for achieving exceptional results.

Compatible with a range of paint brands including Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors, Illustration Colors, and AutoBorne Sealers, the 4012 High Performance Reducer offers versatility and reliability. With just a mere 10% addition per volume, you can effortlessly thin your paint and bring out its true potential. However, if you require a thinner consistency for optimal atomization, you have the option to add a greater quantity of this reducer without compromising its performance. It is important to note that the High Performance Reducer does not act as a catalyst, making it non-reactive and safe to use.

Containing 2-Butoxy Ethanol, a critical ingredient for optimal thinning, this reducer not only enhances your paint's viscosity but also ensures smooth application and impeccable results. The addition of 2-Butoxy Ethanol greatly improves the overall performance of water-based paint, allowing you to achieve the desired effect with ease.

One of the notable features of this product is its extended pot-life. Once mixed with the High Performance Reducer, your paint maintains its quality for up to 72 hours. This extended pot-life allows you to work on your project at your own pace, without worrying about the paint drying out or becoming unusable. With the 4012 High Performance Reducer, you can take your time, experiment, and perfect your artistic or automotive creations.

In conclusion, the Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer is a must-have for anyone working with water-based paints. With its reliable and versatile formula, you can achieve consistent, professional-grade results. So, why settle for anything less when you can enhance your painting experience with this premium reducer? Give your projects the edge they deserve and unlock your creative potential with the Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Best thinner!

This is still better than all other thinners Ive tried. I even use it with my favorite acrylics, Mission Model Paints and Createx Illustration Colors. Really helps to reduce tip dry in arid environments if diluted at least 50/50 paint to thinner. I add a drop or two of 4030 as well. All great products sold by my favorite AB and paint supply dealer Spraygunner!

Createx 5701-00 2oz 4oz Bottle Adapter Cap

Great adaptor just need to take care when triming the siphon straw for 2oz bottles

Richard Green
Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer 2-32oz

Not only works well with Createx paints but also works well with Mission Models and other water based acrylic paints. It is also a very good cleaner for water based paints in an airbrush. Helps paint dry quickly and smoothly.

Createx Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer

I have used this product about 3-4 times and i have to say that it worked very well for me. It will be my reducer from now on.


I like this stuff but they are doing away with it so I think I'll get 4011 from now on.