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Badger Sotar 20/20 3in1+ ChromaAir paints

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Badger Sotar 20/20 3in1+ ChromaAir paints Badger
Regular price $202.00 USD
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Badger Air-Brush Co Sotar 20/20 2020-3N1 Gravity Feed Airbrush set with all 3 nozzle sets included

2020-3N1; Set contains one of most popular micro-detailing airbrush, the Sotar 20/20 with Fine (.2)
needle/nozzle, packaged with two additional needle/nozzle conversion kits (Medium [.5] and Heavy [.7])

  • The SOTAR airbrush design makes removal of dried materials from needle tip and regulator both easy and safe. SOTAR’s SPRAY REGULATOR have protective arms to safeguard the needle tip.
  • The SOTAR innovation precisely centers and locks the paint tip in place while permitting easy assembly and disassembly.
  • SOTAR’s paint tips feature both a self-centering and non-seal design. Bee’s wax or other sealing materials are no longer required. The tapered sides assure fast assembly and disassembly.
  • The SOTAR 20/20’s body has a cast paint reservoir, milled low and wide for a better line of sight, free of obstruction. The elongated body maintains an efficient distance between trigger and paint reservoir.
  • PTFE needle seal which is impervious to most solvents and paints, and prevents material back-up.
  • Retaining spring screw allows you to custom adjust trigger tension from medium to light.
  • Unique, open ended cutaway design of handle lets you remove the needle without taking off the handle.
  • Paint adjusting screw may be adjusted for minimum or maximum trigger/needle movement and paint flow.
  • SOTAR’s airbrush needles fabricated from flexible, spring-tempered stainless steel and feature an elongated taper-to-tip point for fine line control.

ChromaAir Primary Color Set

Universal water-based acrylic urethane airbrush paint. ChromaAir Paints offer the strength, durability, and adhesion of automotive urethanes combined with the easy spraying performance of acrylics.

Also, they are sandable! ChromaAir Paints are water-based which means no bad smell from solvents, non-explosive and are, generally speaking, safer to spray than solvent-based paints (safety first! -you should always wear a NIOSH approved respirator and spray in a well-ventilated area!).

ChromaAir Paints are suitable for many applications from general-purpose, fine art, fishing lures, scale modeling and more.

ChromaAir Paints can be mixed with almost any other water-based acrylic paint (Createx, Custom Creative, Inspire H2O, etc..) and also offer a 2-year shelf life.

Badger Airbrushes and ChromaAir paints are Made in U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

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Juan Ignacio Guerra
Amazing stuff

Great service, Johnny helped me solve some question and Wendy did an amazing packing job. Love this airbrush

Great Airbrush

Great airbrush, well worth the price. Great for fine detail work. Im no professional but Im able to control it with ease and produce nice lines.

Robert Franks
The best airbrush i ever owned!!

I bought this airbrush to replace my 30 some year old dual action, siphon feed paasche. The ole paasche airbrush works just fine but, the siphon feed brush just wasn't goog enough for me anymore, so i bought this Badger Sotar 20/20. BOY I'M GLAD I DID!! This is the best airbrush i ever used. I love the low profile gravity feed cup. Now i can mix my colors right in the cup and clean up is a breeze. The needle set that comes with it is a big plus and I'm amazed at how this brush atomizes paint! Fine lines to large spray patterns, no problem. I have bought cheaper ones in the past, but they never really work well. As an amateur i can say this airbrush is on a professional level and if your like me (an amateur) save your money on cheap airbrushes and purchase this one or one like it from spraygunner! Their service is great, i had this at my door in just a few short days.... Also, the chromaair primary paint set is great! This my first time using chromaair paints and will be using them again! I also received airbrush cleaning brushes! Now, i usually don't leave such long feed back, but i feel that this airbrush and spraygunner's service deserves it!! Thanks spraygunner and thanks for reading.