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Airbrush Cleaning Pot by NO-NAME Brand

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Brand: NO-NAME brand
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Airbrush Cleaning Pot by NO-NAME Brand NO-NAME brand
Regular price $12.00 USD
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Airbrush Cleaning Pot/Holder by NO-NAME Brand

This airbrush cleaning pot simply makes life easier for anyone who uses an airbrush. The jar itself is made of a heavy duty glass which means solvent-based paints, thinners, etc. will not damage it. The lid is tight fitting and the exhaust opening has a filter to trap particles in the cleaning pot. The inlet for the airbrush has a rubber seal so that your airbrush will fit securely and help protect the finish of your equipment. Not only does this make cleaning your airbrush easier, but it also acts as a holder for your airbrush when not in use.

*Airbrush not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A must have

This is a must have if you're serious about air brushing. Great when you need to spray out the excess in your air brush.

John Reed
Works as intended

What more to say? It holds a brush? Yep, it does. Also, make your own filters after the supplied one is toast

Brandon Prince
NoName cleaning pot

The NoName cleaning pot makes it easy to spray out remaining paint and cleaning agents without creating a mess. It has a tight seal around the airbrush to ensure no paint comes back out. It is also a good stand to hold your airbrush when not in use.

Patrick Stroth
Nice cup

just a glass cup does not come with extra filters though.

Great price

Makes cleaning easier and doubles as a brush holder. Its at a competitive price for non brand name pots at other retailers so if youre already making a purchase I really dont see any reason why you wouldnt get it here.