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Air Regulator for 1/4" paint spray gun

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Air Regulator for paint spray gun by NO-NAME Brand

Designed to fine tune your paint spray gun pressure settings right on the handle of the sprayer. Always adjust pressure on the fully open air flow (squeeze the trigger to start air flow). Open the know all the way counterclockwise and on the open air flow, you will see the current working pressure. Adjust as needed. We recommend this regulator only for fine-tunning +-10%. In other words, if your target pressure is 22PSI and spray gun gets 24PSI from the air compressor - this regulator will be helpful. If you're adjusting from 60PSI in the air line down to 22PSI on the spray gun - it can create air turbulence and affect spray gun's atomization. Please, adjust compressor regulator first, and fine-tune using this in-line air regulator by NO-NAME.

Light weight anodized aluminum body.

Sensitive gauge shows pressure up to 100 PSI.

1/4" threaded connectors, fit directly to most popular paint spray guns and other pneumatic tools.

Made in Taiwan.

*paint spray gun is not included

Customer Reviews

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Mark Vitale
Air regulator for spray gun

The spray gun regulator seems to work quite well it holds air and at the gun you can also turn pressure up or down it works well but I've only been using it for a week.

Jeremy Cantin
Its ok

Everything worked with no leaks I wish it had better markings on it identifying the psi though

Jake Zieman
No-Name Regulator

Really love these regulators. Have on almost every gun. Theyre made good, knob is tight and very responsible, and seem to last. Had a couple of them for a year or more and clean with lacquer all the time. Holding up great. Love these for the low profile and quality.

Great product

This is a great product . Very well made and works as it should. I would recommend one.

Brenton Barnett

The regulator is constructed of lightweight aluminium and the control knob has a positive feel. The face of the gauge is glass so thinner will not damage it unlike the cheap plastic ones. The regulator also flows a lot of air so there is no problem dialing in a constant flow/pressure without fluctuations. The thread is 1/4 universal so no worries about it not fitting some guns. This product is on par with $125 regulators I've used and I can find no fault of it. I'd have no problems purchasing it again.