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Spray painting has been around since cavemen blew powdered pigments through hollow reeds to create pictures on their walls. Modern spray painting systems date to 1876, and the idea has revolutionized industry and the art world. Today spray painting utilizes advanced technologies which allow us to achieve high quality results. Efficient designs conserve paint to save money, while ease of application saves on time and labor.

There is nothing you can't paint or decorate with the right spray gun, and SprayGunner is all about supplying top equipment for a variety of needs. We ship airbrush and compressor kits, paint sets, and accessories to clients all over the world, as well as larger spray guns and compressors for craft projects or commercial uses like automotive painting. At SprayGunner we're familiar with all the latest techniques and equipment, and supply quality products from around the world (US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan).

Airbrushes come as gravity-fed, suction feed, or side feed working from small compressors or compressed air canisters. Most airbrushes use low pressures for applications like body painting, modeling or make-up but some of our commercial spray gun and compressor kits can deliver 60 PSI continuously. A variety of paints can be blended in different ways to provide virtually any hue to materials ranging from human skin
to stainless steel.

Automotive refinishing
SprayGunner is your source for auto paints and equipment. Whether your touching up paint damage, doing auto body repairs, or refinishing an entire vehicle, we can advise you and supply the right paint and equipment for the right job.

Custom painting
The fine detail and easy application using today's equipment give the artist a lot of flexibility. Painting custom art and logos onto vehicles, signs, or equipment becomes a pleasure with the right spray gun. Even non-artists can easily apply paint over stencils to create a custom look with our top of the line equipment.

Art and Illustration
Artists use airbrushes to create highly detailed images with amazing realism, freehand or with stencils. Such work appears across the art spectrum, from galleries to comic book covers.

Photo Retouching
As long ago as WWII, airbrushes were being used to alter photographs. Today this is done primarily with software, but airbrushes are still widely used for touching up finished work.

Spray guns an airbrushes are often used in street art and street murals to lay down towering illustrations that nonetheless contain remarkable detail.

Air guns are used in painting and custom decoration of models, radio-controlled vehicles, home crafts, and touch-up work of all kinds.

Airbrushing is becoming a popular method of producing custom T-shirts and other designer clothing.

Airbrushing make up is now the preferred method in the industry, allowing incredible detail to be applied quickly and easily. This includes fingernail art, temporary tattoos, spray-tanning, and wide applications for stylish body art.

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