New Mandalorian Scale Model Painting

New Mandalorian Scale Model Painting

Here is a great example how Createx W357 Quick Silver used to create Beskar armor look on the Mandalorian figure. Finished with new high gloss UVLS clear 4053. For weathering effects and other colors AMMO by Mig products were used. Full lit of products used on this model available on our website in the blog section. All available for purchase at SprayGunner. Project completed by Nestor Espinoza. Along with the beautiful Createx products, he also used a mixture of various Ammo by MIG to complete the weathering effect. See full list of detail and products below:


  • Extra Thin Cement A.MIG 2025
  • Mr Nipper single edge MT106:3200
  • Straight tweezers TAMIYA 74109 (Use for fix decals)
  • Straight tweezers TAMIYA 74048
  • Double honed blade EXCEL USA 20011


  • Premium Marta Kolinsky round brush A.MIG 8603 (#2 to paint small parts)
  • Premium Marta Kolinsky round brush A.MIG 8601 (#2/0 to paint small details)
  • Synthetic flat brush A.MIG 8621 (#6 Use to apply pigments)
  • Synthetic angle brush A.MIG 8607 (#6 Use to apply Oilbrusher)
  • Masking tape 6mmx25m A.MIG 8039
  • Airbrush GIS Creos 0.18 PS 771
  • Compressor By No Name Brand NN-AG420


  • High gloss 4053(CREATEX COLORS)
  • Wicket Op. Jet Black W031 (CREATEX COLORS) (Mix high gloss and Jet black 50-50% obtain gloss black base and apply before metallic colors)
  • Quicksilver W357(CREATEX COLORS) (Apply after 6 light layers over armor)
  • Matt aluminum A.MIG 0194 (To paint guns details)
  • Polished Metal A.MIG 0192 (To paint Guns details)
  • Old Brass A.MIG 0190 (To paint Guns details)


  • Dark brown AMMO F-533 (Dry brush over leather gun holder, belts, shoes)
  • Warm skin tone A.MIG 0117 (Base flesh whit hands)
  • Light skin tone A.MIG 0115 (To make high lights over hands)
  • Mat black A.MIG 0046 (Paint outfit)
  • Clay brown A.MIG 0079 (Base paint for shoes and belts)
  • Medium brown dark earth A.MIG 0070 (Apply lights layer over shoes)
  • Schokobraun A.MIG 0015 (Dry brush paint for shoes and belts)
  • Desert Sand A.MIG 0029 (Apply whit sponge over shoes for make small scratches)
  • Crystal Red A.MIG 0093 (To paint details of the belt)
  • Dio drybrush paint blue A.MIG 0615 (To paint over hand detail)


  • Acrylic Thinner A.MIG 2000 (To dilute acrylic paint)
  • Enamel odorless thinner A.MIG 2019 (To dilute Oilbrusher)


  • PLW Black Night A.MIG 1611 (To paneling all metallic parts)
  • Oilbrusher dark brown A.MIG 3512 (To wash metallic parts, apply clear cotes and make scratches whit sponge)
  • Oilbrusher rust A.MIG 3510 (To make shadows between finger and contour hands)
  • Pigment Polished Metal (to apply over the guns and sword)
  • Pigment Brick Dust A.MIG 3015 (To apply over the shoes for realistic result)
Mar 22, 2022

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