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Cordless airbrush revolutionize the way we spray

Cordless airbrush revolutionize the way we spray

Whether you’re painting professionally or for hobby like scale modelling, you can’t beat the finish of an airbrush. From priming to stenciling and creating smooth transitions, you’ll save time and money using an airbrush over a regular paint brush.

The trouble is, not everyone has the space or money for a traditional airbrush set. The compressors take up space and they can be hard to transport and store.

A cordless airbrush is a great alternative. Lightweight, portable, and easy to use, these give you that professional finish without compromising on power (if you buy the right one).

If you’re thinking about buying a cordless airbrush, this in-depth guide will give you everything you need to know.

What is a Cordless Airbrush?

A cordless airbrush works by using air from a micro compressor to atomize the paint. The paint comes out of the nozzle and picked up by airflow to be applied to the desired surface area.

It’s air-operated, and allows you to spray super-fine paint particles, giving a flawless, streak-free finish. To get the air needed, a cordless airbrush uses a battery-powered compressor, unlike a traditional compressor that needs mains power.

Cordless airbrushes are portable, easy to carry, and can be charged using any USB port.

Airbrushes are a must in the scale model world. Not only do they give a quick, streak-free base coat, they allow you to create shadows, depth, stencilled designs, and blends in seconds.

But it’s not just miniature painting, an airbrush can be used for a range of projects. T-Shirts, cosplay, and nail art are just a few examples of the cool things you can paint with a cordless airbrush.

Since you’re not restricted by a cord, they’re much more useful when moving around a workshop or getting to hard to reach areas.

Pros and Cons of Using a Cordless Airbrush

Using a cordless airbrush comes with many benefits, but they’re not for everyone. Here are the main pros and cons you need to consider.


  • No tubes or cords interfering with your painting
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
  • USB charging port means the airbrush can be charged anywhere with a compatible outlet
  • Affordable


  • Some models have short battery run-times (although some airbrushes can still be used while charging)
  • Air pressure can be less than expected

If you’ve got a large project that’s going to take hours, a cordless airbrush isn’t the right tool for the job. But for shorter paint sessions, they are a convenient tool to have.

Dos and Don’ts When Using a Cordless Airbrush

If you’ve never used a cordless airbrush before, there are a couple do’s and don’ts you should know about.

  • DO take safety precautions when using an airbrush. Wear a mask or respirator, gloves, and protective clothing as required.
  • DO use the correct paint for the type of surface you are spraying for the best results.
  • DO clean the airbrush out after every use and check manufacturer’s instructions for any specific steps you must take to maintain your airbrush.
  • DON’T spray different types of paint in the same session. Instead, clean the airbrush thoroughly before switching to another paint or color.
  • DON’T use WD-40 to lubricate the airbrush. Look for a non-drying, non-reactive airbrush lubricant that won’t react with the paint.

How the Cordless Airbrush Makes the Process Easier

The main reason a cordless airbrush is easier to use is the lack of hoses and heavy compressors. Not only does this make it much easier to carry around, but it gives you more freedom to move around when you’re working on a project.

The setup is also much easier. It takes a few minutes to get started with a cordless airbrush, and if the battery needs charging you can plug it into any standard USB port.

Cordless Airbrush Compared to Other Airbrushes

A good quality airbrush can make painting easier, quicker, and give a professional finish. Most hobbyists will have a traditional airbrush for priming, stenciling, or other projects.

So, how does a cordless airbrush compare to other types?

Other airbrushes rely on a heavy compressor that needs a power plug, holder for the airbrush, an air hose, and more. Getting all this equipment is not only costly, but takes up space and isn’t easy to transport.

A cordless airbrush won’t beat a traditional airbrush on power or run time, but it is much more convenient - especially if you have smaller projects that don’t need a big set up.

If you’ve never bought an airbrush before and want to get started, a cordless model is going to be the more affordable option too. This lets you get to grips with the techniques without investing too heavily up front.

At SprayGunner, we have a great range of cordless airbrushes. We’ve done extensive R&D to bring our customers the best cordless models that still give a professional finish at the best prices.

How You Can Use a Cordless Airbrush

Cordless airbrushes are versatile tools. We have customers from a range of sectors, but here are some of the top applications that you could use your cordless airbrush for.


Many make-up artists now airbrush foundation to give a flawless finish without the need for filters or added lighting.

Using a cordless airbrush is often quicker and cleaner than traditional ways of applying cosmetics, and it means the artist can move around the client without worrying about cords getting tangled.

Cake decoration

Decorating cakes with 3D effects, shadowing, stencils, and gradients is much easier with an airbrush. And a cordless model means you can walk around the cake and touch up areas without worrying about the cord.


We’ve seen some incredible designs created on tshirts with the help of a cordless airbrush. Whether you sell tees as an artist or just like creating unique designs as a hobby, airbrushing designs is quicker than using a brush and gives a much better finish.

Face painting

Face painting is always popular at kid’s parties, fairs, and other events. Just like makeup artists, pros use airbrushing to create more professional-looking designs.

Using an airbrush for face painting has several benefits. It usually lasts longer, gives a more even coverage, and it’s easy to remove. Not to mention it’s more hygienic than using sponges and brushes.

Scale modeling

If you do scale modeling, you’ll know how time consuming priming can be, even if you’re using spray paint.

An air brush saves so much time and let’s you create those professional looking touches that bring models to life. Shadowing, highlighting, stencilling, and blending are all much easier with a cordless airbrush.


Cosplay is hugely popular with the global market worth an estimated $4.6 billion in 2020 alone. By 2030, that figure is expected to rise to a whopping $23 billion!

Many cosplayers love to create elaborate and detailed costumes of their favorite characters. Accessories, costumes, makeup, and more can be finely detailed using an airbrush to make your cosplay come to life.


Airbrushing a car or motorcycle is a popular hobby for many and interesting profession for some. Car hoods and fuel tanks are great spots for airbrush art.


Whether you need to paint small display models or large RC airplane kits, a cordless airbrush is the perfect painting solution. The ability to control the paint amount means you can create a more flawless finish without the brush marks. Also used for full-scale aviation as a touch-up tool.

Nail salons

Painting nails is often a time-consuming and laborious task. Using an airbrush is fast and gives a much smoother finish that’s less prone to chipping.


Not everyone is blessed with perfect hair growth. Head or beard hair can be patchy or balding in places. Barbers can use an airbrush to fill in the gaps or hide receding hairlines.

As cordless airbrushes are compact, affordable, and portable, any barber can easily use these devices to ensure customers leave completely satisfied with their new look.

Mural artists

Professional mural artists are usually commissioned to work outside on-site, so a cordless airbrush is a must.

Airbrushing allows artists to do custom and complex designs that are not possible using traditional painting methods. You can even experiment with different nozzles, arm movements, and colors to create jaw-dropping murals for clients or your own home.

Fine art

A cordless airbrush offers precision and versatility. These are great reasons why many artists choose to use them. Illustrating children’s books, comics, and other artworks are some common uses of airbrushing in art.


Customising plain white sneakers is booming in popularity right now because of influencers on TikTok. Whether you freestyle or use airbrush stencils, you can end up with sneakers that stand-out from the crowd.

Maintaining a Cordless Airbrush

The key to maintaining your cordless airbrush is regular cleaning. If paint is allowed to build up inside the airbrush it will become clogged and the paint spray will be inconsistent.

  • To keep the airbrush clean, run clean water or airbrush cleaner (depends on the paint type you use) through the paint cup. Do this every time you change color and when you finish painting.
  • Gently remove dry paint from the nozzle tip and needle by using a soft brush or paper towel. Airbrush paint dries fast, so clean immediately after each use.

To do a deep clean:

  • Check the manufacturers guidelines before taking the airbrush apart to make sure it’s done correctly.
  • Remove the airbrush nozzle and other parts with paint.
  • Soak the parts in warm water and soap. If you prefer, get an ultrasonic cleaner to do a thorough clean.
  • Give the parts a shake to dry off any remaining water, and put it back together.

If the trigger is giving resistance when squeezed, then airbrush lubricant can be used along the needle and the inside seals to loosen it back up.

Our Favorite Cordless Airbrushes

Projects big and small can be tackled using this black portable airbrush by NO NAME. It may look like some other analogs on the market, but inside we have the newest electrics. This is upgraded 2022 model introduced just recently and offers much more air power than older analogs. Recharge via USB with more than 40 minutes of use in high performance mode. The airbrush can be used while charging and comes with a 0.3mm airbrush. It is fantastic for creating realistic models, decorating cakes, painting t-shirts, and more. The LED indicator keeps you apprised of the battery life remaining so there are no surprises halfway through the project. The airbrush weighs just under 7oz and can be used for long periods without overheating.

Crafted by NO-NAME, for those of you who already got a traditional airbrush and want to try cordless technology, this cordless compressor can work with most airbrushes on the market and powerful enough to supply up to .4mm nozzle with round spray air cap. 

This cordless airbrush set from NO-NAME is an affordable solution for anyone wanting to start their painting hobby without breaking the bank. You’ll get everything needed to start spraying, including set of universal paint (not for food or cosmetic use), cleaning and mixing tools and materials. 

Whatever painting projects you’re working on, your results can be vastly enhanced using a cordless airbrush either freehand or using stencils.

Visit Spray Gunner today to find the perfect airbrush for your project. And if you’re struggling to choose the right one, drop us a message. We’ll give you our advice on the best model for your projects. 

Dec 03, 2021 SprayGunner

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