Black cordless airbrush compressor battery powered

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  • Black cordless airbrush compressor battery powered
  • Black cordless airbrush compressor battery powered
  • Black cordless airbrush compressor battery powered
  • Black cordless airbrush compressor battery powered
  • Black cordless airbrush compressor battery powered
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Cordless micro-compressor for airbrush. Battery powered. Rechargeable via USB. 

This is our new item for late 2019 and as always, we took our time for R&D, testing over 1 dozen samples of similar style compressors from few manufacturers. We believe that we have found the best combination of features, quality, and price. 

If you look around, you'll see a few different options for cordless airbrush compressors. Some sell with unbelievable specifications saying they will work for hours while delivering 15 LPM at 25 PSI (see our Starting Guide if not familiar with these terms). 

We've tested the majority of models on the market in this style of compressor - some run non-stop for only 25 min, some overheat even faster than the battery dies. MOST of the alternatives out there are single action type, which means that you'll turn them on by hitting the on/off switch and it will stay on until you hit the power switch again. 

What we are offering is different - here are our honest specs: 

- It has an auto on/off function. You don't have to press the power button. Just use the airbrush as you would use any other double action airbrush:
1. Press trigger down for air and the cordless compressor will automatically start.
2. Pull trigger backwards and paint flow will join the air. 

- It has 2 performance modes: LOW and HIGH. The button on the bottom of the compressor is for switching between these modes. 

- When fully charged, it will constantly run in the HIGH performance mode for over 40 minutes (42-43 min in most cases). 

-  It delivers 7-8 LPM with a max pressure of 20-25 PSI. **We recommend this set for gravity feed airbrushes with 0.3mm nozzle or smaller. **

- It has an LED indicator to show the charge level - this means a low battery won't catch you by surprise. 

- The compressor by itself weighs in at 6.4 ounces 

- The compressor can be used for long periods without over-heating

- This Cordless Compressor has a Type-C USB charging port which is standard on many phones and other devices these days. Even if the compressor's charging cord is missing, it's easy to find a compatible charging option almost anywhere. 

- We estimate 1.5-2 hour work period for this compressor on a single charge, considering that when working on a project, the airbrush will be turned on and off constantly with pauses for color changes and cleaning. 

- It can even be used when the unit is charging. When longer working time is needed, this little cordless compressor will not let you down - it can charge and run at the same time. Grab a power bank with a USB outlet and keep airbrushing for many hours! 

- 1 Year Limited Warranty. 

 We recommend this compressor for those who want to get into airbrushing without a large investment. Keep it for small projects and it will become a good companion for airbrushing needs. It is also a perfect secondary compressor for professionals of all industries - even those who are doing large scale projects such as murals. Imagine a situation where a large piece of artwork was done and a few weeks after you get a call to come in and fix a little scratch. It's an easy task, made even easier, if you have your cordless airbrush in your pocket! 

*Airbrush not included.* We have kits with this compressor where an airbrush is included. This listing is for someone who already has a compatible airbrush. It will fit airbrushes from Japan and China that have a removable air valve body. Please contact us for additional consultation, we're still working on a full list of compatible airbrushes.

Made in Japan airbrushes by GSI Creos (models PS770, PS267, PS265, PS275) and similar airbrushes from other Japanese brands will fit on this cordless compressor. Airbrushes from China by Fengda and many other brands around the Globe will also fit - just make sure you can remove the air valve on your airbrush or contact us for details. 

Made in China, quality inspected in Florida, USA. 


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    Black cordless airbrush compressor battery powered

    Posted by Vitalii Manko on Jan 22nd 2020

    Good compressor for nails and bodyart. Highly recommended. Has usb type c connector and displays charging level.

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