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Tooty Airbrush Compressor by NO-NAME Brand

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Tooty Airbrush Compressor by NO-NAME Brand AG326 NO-NAME brand
Regular price $99.95 USD
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Air Compressor with tank for airbrush. by NO-NAME Brand

You're looking at one of our best air compressors! We sold thousands of it and heard hundreds of good reviews. You'll make a right choice if you get on of these, but before you do - please consider our latest model - Cool Tooty. %%GLOBAL_ShopPathSSL%%/compressors/no-name-by-spraygunner/cool-tooty-airbrush-compressor-with-tank-by-no-name-brand/

Model: Tooty

Warranty: 1 year


  • Oil Free Design
  • L 13" W 5 1/2" H 14 1/4"
  • Compressor housing material: Metal
  • Auto-Shut off at 57 psi (4 bar); Auto-Start at 43 psi (3 bar)
  • Compressor Regulator: 0-100 psi (0-7 bar) - Equipped with Filter and Gauge
  • 3L air tank to provide consistent air flow (no pulsations)
  • 6 foot power cable
  • 1/6 HP
  • 110 Volt
  • Air Flow: 20-23 L / Minute
  • Noise Level: 47 dB / 1m
  • Small airbrush compressor with powerful motor, suitable for airbrushes with up to 0.7mm nozzle (round spray cap).
  • 1/8" connection
  • On/Off Switch
  • Suction Cups on bottom for added stability

Looking for cheap airbrush compressor and good quality combination? You found it! Our Tooty airbrush air compressor is suitable for commercial spraying, cosmetics, nail studios and Tattoo designs, illustrations, hobbies modelling, fishing lures, hobby air compressor, and much more. The AG-326 is a great airbrush compressor with tank (3 liter) air tank to help deliver consistent airflow and stop the pulsations that tankless compressors often deliver.

Tooty can be used as a model airbrush compressor, as well as automotive airbrushing air supplier! We believe it is the best airbrush compressor with tank in it's price category.

Every NO-NAME Brand Compressor is INSPECTED and TESTED in our warehouse in Tampa, FL before going out to the customer!

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Jose Ortiz
Great value

Item as described, great value, works perfectly, recomended!

Daniel Harris
So Far, So Good.

So far I am liking this new compressor. The tank is bigger than my previous one so it’s not starting and stopping as much. I also like the cooling fans though the sounds the unit makes takes getting used to. My only real complaint is the location the power cord originates from is right behind the pressure dial which makes it kind of awkward.

Damon Lamp

Nice and quite amazing compressor for the money

Amazing compressor!

This is my first compressor with a tank and while it's taking some getting used to, the pros FAR outweigh the cons. Let's start with the downsides...
It's a bit loud when filling up. Noticeably louder than the Amazon brand tankless compressor I had been using but not by a terrible amount. I work nights so I'm often up at night when I'm off and have to shut my window when this turns on so I don't bother the neighbors. This won't be an issue during the winter/summer when the windows are close or the AC is running, but on nice nights like it is now, especially late at night, I wouldn't keep any windows open while it's filling up.
This part isn't a con as it's just the way these compressors work, but if you've only used tankless compressors before, just remember that the tank will *always* release air, whether that's through the hose or any open pathway. Do NOT disconnect an airbrush or hose (unless you have a quick disconnect attached) as the entire 3 liters of air will blast out until it's empty. Turn the compressor off and release the air either through the airbrush or the emergency release valve.
The pros list is huge! That noise when it fills up only lasts for about 2 minutes from an empty tank or about 20 seconds if refilling while using it. After that, it is TOTALLY silent. I can airbrush for a long time before it turns back on again to refill itself, and usually I'm done airbrushing by that point (I use it for miniature painting and typically use short bursts and eventually switch to a hand brush).
The pressure is always consistent! With a tankless compressor, the pressure gauge jumps around like a step child throwing a temper-tantrum. I always had to keep checking my regulator to make sure the pressure was still where I wanted it to be. And forget switching brushes around, it would always lose it's setting. Not so with this compressor. You set it to where you want it and you're good!
The upwards facing regulator gauge is great! Since I always keep my compressor below me, having a regulator gauge that I can see at a glance without having to bend my back is perfect :D
The price is unbeatable! For a compressor with a 3L tank there's no better price on the market. Plus, it's hand tested for quality control before it ships and even if something does go wrong, the customer service is simply the best. They WILL figure out how to fix any issue!
VERY glad I upgraded to this compressor and it's probably the absolute best for miniature painting and other "lighter" airbrush use.

No Name Compressor AG 326

Wow this compressor is crazy quiet, Ive owned other units and have never been the quiet. The idea of also having a tank to fill is great, fills in no time. I would recommend this compressor to all, not only am I a return modeler l also paint my own fishing lures for Bass fishing.