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Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner

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Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner Createx
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Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner

The Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner is the perfect solution for artists and hobbyists who use airbrushes or spray-guns for their painting projects. This mild, water-based solvent cleaner is specifically designed to rinse colors while painting, providing a hassle-free experience.

One of the significant advantages of using the Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner is its superior ability to rinse paint compared to water. It effortlessly removes any excess paint, ensuring a smooth transition when changing colors. Say goodbye to the tedious task of thoroughly cleaning your airbrush or spray-gun between color changes. With this cleaner, you can simply rinse and move on to the next color, saving you time and effort.

Not only does the Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner excel at rinsing paint, but it also helps maintain the proper working condition of your airbrush or spray-gun. By preventing the build-up of dried paint, it ensures that your tools perform optimally and last longer. Say goodbye to clogged nozzles, blocked passages, and the frustration of interrupted painting sessions. With this cleaner, you can trust that your equipment will stay in pristine condition.

The water-based formula of the Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner makes it safe to use and environmentally friendly. It is free from harsh chemicals and toxins, meaning you can have peace of mind while using it. No need to worry about harmful fumes or strong odors. This cleaner is gentle yet effective, making it suitable for artists of all levels.

Whether you are a professional artist, hobbyist, or student, the Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner is an essential addition to your toolkit. It simplifies the cleaning process, allowing you to focus on creating stunning artwork. With its excellent rinsing capabilities and preventive properties, this cleaner ensures a smooth painting experience every time. Don't let paint build-up slow you down - choose the Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner for your painting needs.

Customer Reviews

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John Seelhorst
Works like a charm

Fast shipping. Createx and SprayGunner are my go to’s for airbrushing.

Don Merz
Read The Createx Data Sheets

Createx doesn't seem to take many short cuts. Every other company sells "Airbrush Cleaner" and we assume that we should use that one when we use that brand of paint. But Createx takes it further. If you use their products, then you really should read the product data sheets on their web site. I got this hint from Youtube channel AIRBRUSH GARAGE. If you're spraying Createx gloss clear then you need to clean up with Createx 5618 cleaner. This solved a problem I had where the gloss clear was leaving a film on my airbrush even after I followed my standard cleaning process. Normally I use Iwata Cleaner, either straight or diluted 50/50 with distilled water. This did not work on the gloss clear. But the 5618 did work. If you read the data sheet on the Createx clears, you see that 5618 is what they want you to clean with. Now I know why.

Eric Archibald
Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner

You airbrush will work and last you a long time if you keep it clean, 5618 is up to the task

paul horak
Createx Colors Airbrush Cleaner

I am always satisfied with Createx products. This cleaner does the job well.

alex Ives
Does what it says

Great to clean in between shades, even cleaned out a latex based primer no problem