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Airbrush & Kits

Airbrush & Kits

Airbrush is a pneumatic pen-like tool used to spray paints and inks. 

It's a powerful instrument that can be applied in many areas: fine art, spot repair, modeling & miniatures, cosmetics, and other professional & hobby segments. 

If you're new to airbrushing, we have a buying guide in which you'll find all the information needed to choose your first airbrush. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, our experienced teammates will be happy to help!

We made it easier to search for the right model by sorting airbrushes:

By type: Gravity feed, Side feed, Siphon feed, and new to the market Cordless airbrush

Or by brand. A lot of brands out there but here are a few of the popular ones:

GSI Creos, Harder & Steenbeck, GREX, Badger, Paasche, Sparmax, AMMO by Mig

Here at SprayGunner, we recommend investing in a good airbrush from the beginning, that's why we don't offer the cheapest options in this category. True, you can find an airbrush for $15 but this product could give a new users a wrong impression of the hobby/profession in general. Airbrush is a tool that you'll have in your hands every time you spray paint something and the level of control and understanding of this tool is important for achieving desired results. Selecting the right, good-quality airbrush is what we suggest. It's better to save on compressor, that's why we made NO-NAME options available starting at $50.

For airbrush deals check our discounted section, there are great savings appear often. 

To make your choice of the first airbrush equipment even easier, we offer a selection of airbrush kits with options made for particular areas of usage and for any budget. Most of these kits will include everything required to start airbrushing. Again, our team is here to answer any questions. Airbrush is our area of expertise. Thank you for choosing SprayGunner! 

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