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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 04/22, No. 65

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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 04/22, No. 65

Release: September 29, 2022


Airbrushes: News from Harder & Steenbeck
Paints: Airbrush India Inks Stardust Colors Car-Rep
Accessories: Ampersand scratchboard toolkit
Digital: Huion Kamvas Pro24 (4K), UGEE U1600
Community: 20 years anniversary of Airbrush Services Almere, The winners of Sparmax Airbrush Contest 2022

Step by Steps

Sci-Fi Illustration
The sci-fi theme and neon lighting inspired Berlin-based artist Sebastian Arenas to create this artwork, which he first worked out in shades of grey and then set glowing effects with candy colours.

The Captured Woman
Fantasy Portrait
With her work, Spanish artist Luz de la Calle wants to raise awareness of the fact that there are many people who are constantly restricted by health problems and need our help.

Geralt of Riva
Fantasy Illustration
Also known as Australian artist John Seaton has captured a scene from the famous novels, computer games and Netflix serie “The Witcher".

The Mummy
Mummy Portrait
Spanish artist José Guerrero Hueso created the mummy portrait by freehand and full of light effects on a black Dibond panel.


Superheroes in Mixed Media
The Art of Kevin Wood
The American Kevin Wood creates collector's items and licensed artworks featuring the world's most popular characters in airbrush and digital mixed media on behalf of Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

Feminine Horror Art
Jessie Maderas career from necessity to the big deals
American artist Jessie Madera talks about her painting techniques, her world of art and how art was the only way for her to earn a living in hard times.

Customer Reviews

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Good Informative and inspiring read

I only bought this a trial to see what it was about but I can truthfully say I will be getting more issues of this magazine in the future. It has so many tips and tricks that I was able to instantly apply to better my airbrushing without any added cost.