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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 01/19

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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 01/19 Step by Step Magazine
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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 01/19

Printed issue - physical product.

Release: December 20, 2018!

Goblin Queen
Fantasy Illustration
US Artist Michael Calandra is creating another amazing fantasy portrait.

Custom Painting
The cute droide from the Star Wars movies would be flattered seeing his portrait on Mike Tamas’ Suzuki Swift car.

Miley Cyrus
Fun ride painting
Young and American – This is what the customer asked the AeroBrothers from Brazil for the design of his fun ride.

Inessa Zhukova from Moscow is a student of the famous photorealist Dru Blair. She has also used his techniques for this expressive portrait.

Where to start?
Repairing a damaged airbrush design
It was an honor and challenge at the same time for Ed Hubbs to recreate the damaged airbrush design of legendary artist Bob Spina.


Every Day an Adventure
Dru Blair is one of the most successful airbrush artists in the world. In the interview he give an insight into his international airbrush workshop tour.

The quickest Pistol in Arizona
Georg Huber meets Matt Andrews
While travelling the US and searching for inspiration, German artist Georg Huber met airbrush artist Matt Andrews in Arizona.


Airbrush Artist Day 2018:
The Airbrush World celebrates
… including 8 artists from 8 countries creating a unique international art project


Airbrush News
Innovative and Colorful

Reader’s Gallery
Humans and animals

Scene / Events
European airbrush meetings in Germany

Shopping Guide
Find your favorite airbrush supplier

Artists and their challenges

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