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Empuñadura de pistola Sparmax GP 50

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Marca: Sparmax
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SKU: GP-50
Sparmax GP 50 Pistol Grip Sparmax
Precio habitual $99.99 USD
Precio habitual Precio de oferta $99.99 USD

Tipo de gatillo Empuñadura de pistola Aerógrafo Sparmax GP 50

  • Tamaño de la boquilla: 0,50 mm
  • Taza de líquido de alimentación lateral: 7 cc + 11 cc.
  • Diseño de gatillo de pistola pulverizadora.
  • Control de flujo de color preestablecido

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Kloiber
Nicely built, sprays nice, too! And a great price!

I purchased this airbrush for spraying base coats, gloss coats, and primers on scale models. This is my first non-Paasche airbrush (I have 3 of those), and my first trigger-style. This is a very nicely built airbrush, and fit and finish in my opinion. The color cups mount securely with the threaded collars, and both sizes will suit me well. The nozzle seems very sturdy, too. You will need to keep track of the nozzle wrench because the wrench flats are semi-recessed (i.e. you cannot use a regular or adjustable wrench). The case is nice with tool foam cutouts, so sturdy.

I tested it out first spraying Badger Stynylrez primer, and it handled it with ease (that is some thick stuff). And I also sprayed some Testors enamels. Atomization is nice, and I really like the firmness of the needle stop adjusting screw. At first I thought it was stuck, but it's just firm. When I disassembled it looked like they use a thick grease on the threads to get that feel (so maybe use caution as to not degrease this area).

It looks like you can convert this to a GP35 by replacing the nozzle plate, nozzle, nozzle cap, and needle, but it doesn't look like Spraygunner currently carries all of these parts (so hopefully they will offer these soon).

The only negative I can see is the repair parts are not that common like other brands (though I've read that some Neo TRN parts may work).

Oh, and Spraygunner has the best price on this airbrush. I'm glad I signed up for updates and was able to purchase when they were restocked.

james A munson
sparmax gp50

this is the best airbrush i've found for painting scale models of all sizes. easy to use and affordable,it's my new go to airbrush

Sparmax GP 50 Pistol gun

I am new to the auto scale modeling hobby. After buying a .3 Chinese cheap gun this is like a breath of fresh air. High quality make and really like the trigger over the double action. Just started using and testing it, but I can tell that I will be very happy with it. Shipping and packaging was great as well, thanks!

Tim Laird
Great airbrush gun

Awesome airbrush gun and completely interchangeable with iwata neo tr2.

Greg Busby

Worked great i'm actually thinking about buying the GP-35 next as strictly my base coat gun