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Juego de cuchillas de corte para pasatiempos y manualidades de la marca NO-NAME

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Hobby & Craft Cutting Blade Set by NO-NAME Brand NO-NAME brand
Precio habitual $16.96 USD
Precio habitual Precio de oferta $16.96 USD

Juego de cuchillas de corte para pasatiempos y manualidades de la marca NO-NAME


  • 42 cuchillas
  • 7 asas
  • Super pegamento
  • Piedra de arena para bolsillo y escritorio
  • Práctico estuche rígido de almacenamiento
  • Tiras magnéticas para mantener hojas adicionales en su lugar

Imprescindible para aficionados, artesanos y modeladores.

Customer Reviews

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Randal Foster
Hobby & Craft Cutting Blade Set by NO-NAME Brand

I wasn't sure what to expect this seemed like to good of a deal to be true. Being a rod builder cutting thread, cutting tape, lose composite woven fabrics. A Paint enthusiast in addition to having a passion for bringing new emerging technology to manufacturing.

Whether its for marking a piece of wood or composite plastic. Drafting you're own custom stencils. Or simply just needing to make precise cuts in various substrates...

For full transparency I am unfamiliar with the intended uses for a few of these blades but undoubtedly they will prove valueable because frankly they included blades usefull for just so many various applications.

Keep in mind in this review that without even knowing whichever particular art or craft a few of these blades are intended for I could not be happier with my purchase and am sure to find use for them going forward.

For people who like preferred very detailed review I will go over the product abit more thoroughly.

Included case:
The plastic hard case is useful for keeping all the blade handles and knifes organized. One extremely minor observation which seems maybe not worth mentioning. Allthough for some this may be important,if you shake the box like crazy a few of these blades in particular may come lose from time to time. Its not a huge issue It happen once upon first opening the box after shiping and maybe two or three other occasion where one or two of the small blades came lose. It is not a serious issue but seldom happens. Possibly to combat this from happening. No name has a small foam sheet fit to the slot on the blade side of the box. Just in the instance I drop the box a large distance or for some reason place the somewhere prone to vibration or incidental impact. It may not be how the product was intended but I have left it there in hopes of making it easier to keep track of everything if they were to shake lose. This has not come into play. I am only mentioning this for the sake of being through. I opened and closed the case very haphazardly 10 times to make sure of the accuracy of this review. Not one blade came lose.

Before going over the sharpening stone and other misc observations if you are on the fence just considering the value of the product the number and variety of quality blades and blade handles. I would and likely will buy this set again assuming it can still be offered at this great price only continue reading if you prefer more through reviews.

Misc observations deemed worth noting for those who may prefer a very through overview:
Sharpening stone: Having existing means of sharpening and honing metal I have not used the included stone much but having run blades across it.
impressions about the stone thus far :seems to have a nice amount of material removal not overly aggressive but enough to allow for fast efficient usage. Tip:pick up abit of honing fluid cheap at local store this both makes the blade maintenance process more efficient and helps protect against oxidation.

Final remarks worth noting on the Box/ Case:

When the box is hanging wide open and only when the box is hanging open, the composite tabs connecting the internal box lid-bottom may come slightly out of place.
Prior to closing the box it is extremely easy to just push these back into place with you're hands. I highly recommend ensuring to tabs are seated in place prior to closing the box and trying to snap close the metal hardware on the front facing side.

With these tabs properly in place the box is impressively solid considering for the price and everything included. This box is was made with a very smart cost effective design.

Summary/ conclusion:
This kit Includes everything you need for a variety of tasks, The quality of the blades seems great easily comparable to the big names.
The box/case is in a league of its own for the price total a lot of thoughtful design went into makes this product happen. On top of all that it Includes the basics to maintain the blades in addition to a small bottle of super glue.

This is why this should be considered another no-name brand product home run. After some thought and usage. I would have zero hesitation recommending the product nor rating it 5 stars due to its unparalleled value. Having used similar more expensive product offerings bought at big box stores if you need some new "hobby blades" get this call it a day and have some extras for you're needs in the future.

Donny Akin

great kit for model cars


Was actually surprised. thought it would be too good to be true. Considering the amount included for the price given. I was expecting lower quality tools tbh. But the variation of blades, chisel tips, and different handles were decent. Yes handles felt light and they use a hard plastic to pinch the blades thats also the inner threading. But they work functionally, tighten/loosen smoothly, and the handle housing is still a metal alloy. Includes 7 handles to fit different blade sizes or chisel tips (chisel holder is all alloy no plastic parts). That with the amount of blades and chisel tips make it value on its own.

The way I look at it the rest was extra icing: super glue, sharpening stone, and box. Super glue I could use for resin kits. The mini sharpening stone is nice for maintaining the chisels. but I do feel the grit is coarser than it has to be for the size of the tools. But it could be used wet or dry so thats a plus. Lastly the box. it is plastic but it does hold everything. the magnet strips are strong enough to hold the blades well in place, but since the chisels are rounded they can be knocked out of place inside when being carried in a bag. But they stay in place when carried normal by hand. The biggest flaw is that the hinges are just plastic tabs. so eventually it will crack & break after repeated opening/closing. Overall I think the box actually a decent quality when considering the price. Definitely a good starter or quick back-up/replacement kit.

John Camacho
Cutting blades No-Name

For the price, its a great deal. Quality is a bit cheap (plastic not metal) but the blades supplied and variety of blades provided work very well. Excellent beginner set.