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GSI Creos Mr.Color Replenishing Agent (Restaurador de pintura)

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GSI Creos Mr.Color Replenishing Agent (Paint Restorer) GSI Creos Mr. Hobby
Precio habitual $7.00 USD
Precio habitual Precio de oferta $7.00 USD

GSI Creos Mr.Hobby Mr.Color Replenishing Agent (Restaurador de pintura)

Volumen: 250ml

Este producto es un agente reponedor para restaurar Mr.Color que tiene mayor viscosidad o se seca en botella. Dado que la resina de recubrimiento que no está incluida en el diluyente Mr.Color sí se incluye en el agente de reposición, se restaura el rendimiento original de la pintura.

Customer Reviews

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Replenishing fluid

This stuff is gold and does everything it claims. I had a number of paints that had been in storage for 2 1/2 years. Some were just slightly messed up while others were severely dried and separated. Added some Mr color and a couple stainless mixing balls and a good quality shaker and they were back and actually in better shape than new paints.

Highly recommended

Mark Olko
great product

will order more


Great for restoring GSI Creos Mr. Color paint.

Ian Trickey
Fantastic Product

This works so well to turn paint that has dried in the bottle come back to life. Had to use on my metallic purple and it worked so well.

Bruce winter
Mr Clor Replenshing Agent

I store my Mr Color Lacquer paints in a flat plastic container with lid, I noticed that when I would open it to select a bottle of paint the the odor was quite noticeable but never gave it much thought. When one of the bottles of paint I selected was only a third full and very thick, also brand new, never opened. I then checked the lids on everything and found that some of them were not quite tight, new items all. I then saw the add for the replenishing Agent, figured in for a penny in for a pound and ordered some. Worked remarkably in revitalizing my paint, even a bottle of clear came back to life. I was so elated with the product that I immediately ordered another bottle while it was still available. This stuff really works, how long it will hold up I don't know as yet but it certainly saved me a lot of money and frustration