Winter Shipping Special

Winter Special for water-based paints

As you may know, water-based paints don’t go well with freezing temperatures so here at SprayGunner we decided to give our buyers a special deal.

 If you’re in the USA, we will upgrade your shipping to a 2nd Day Shipping for free if you meet the following qualifications:

 1. You order total is over 1lbs, which can be anything: airbrush + some paints or just paints or mix of everything. Sample paint weights are listed below.

2. All items on your order can fit into 7*10*4 box (some examples listed below).


If you think you meet both parameters, we are willing to upgrade your shipping to a 2nd Day from anything, even free shipping if you order is over $85. Just make a note in the comment section with your order at


 1 or more lbs of paints:

 -          8 of 1oz bottles like Mission Models or Createx illustration

 -          9 or more Mr Hobby Acrysion or similar

 -          5 or more of 2oz bottles any brand

 -          3 or more of 4oz bottles

 -          2 or more of 8oz bottles

 -          1 or more 16 oz bottles

 -          32 oz Scenix clear qualifies as well


Maximum we can fit equal of:

 -          2 cans of 32oz Scenix

 -          3 of 16oz bottles and some smaller stuff

 -          7 of 8oz

 -          15 of 4oz

 -          30 of 2oz without mustard cap (Wicked or similar, less of illustration)


*Small orders (even for 1 bottle of 1oz paint): if you choose the "shipping saver" option at checkout, you're also qualified for the free upgrade to 2nd day! Just leave us a note to make sure we use faster service for your delivery


Thank you for choosing SprayGunner!