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Wicked Colors Technical Data

Wicked Colors Technical Data Sheet 

Acrylic Resin
VOC 27.7 g/L Reg.

Edited 05 February 2021


Wicked Colors are fluid acrylic colors with specialized performance for airbrush and spray-gun application.

Wicked is a comprehensive line of water-based, acrylic resin paints made with lightfast pigments.
Wicked Colors are intended for use as interior application and exterior application with a top-coat clear applied over Wicked Colors , such as UVLS Clears.

Wicked Colors are used primarily for use as an airbrush paint, and colors applied with a spray-gun. Wicked Colors can be sprayed out of the bottle, as well as most often thinned with 4011 Reducer added ~ 10% per volume.

Wicked Colors may also be mixed with 4050 Gloss UVLS Clear (recommended) or 4030 Balancing Clear  to create a durable acrylic-urethane resin blend that adheres better to hard-surfaces and cures to a more durable, mar-resistant coating.

Wicked Colors are available in 2oz., 16oz., 32oz. & 1-Gal. sizes.

Wicked Color Groups

Transparent Colors  – Standard Wicked Colors are transparent graphic colors that cover well out of the bottle due to a high pigment volume but may be extended to make a more translucent color.
Transparent Colors spray well out of the bottle with a 0.5mm and will spray a little better after thinning 5% - 10% per volume with 4011 Reducer for smaller airbrush tip- sizes.
Air pressure generally set at lower 20 to 35+ psi.

Opaque colors  – Made for coverage. Opaque Colors are made with a high pigment volume and refined clay to allow colors to cover quickly while having a high chroma.
Wicked Opaque Colors are made with a single load of pigment for a brighter, cleaner color.
Air pressure is generally upper 20 – 35+ psi.

Color Groups cont’d.

Fluorescent Colors  – Neon colors. Not Lightfast!
Very translucent.  Best applied over a color-keyed base of Wicked Opaque or AutoBorne Sealers, for ex. Wicked Fluorescent Yellow W024 applied over AutoBorne Sealer Yellow 6004.
Fluorescent colors generally spray well out-of-the-bottle through a 0.5mm and 0.35mm. Add 4011 Reducer sparingly if thinning as colors are low viscosity already.
Air pressure generally lower 20s to 35+ psi.

Pearl & Metallic Colors – Shimmering, pearlescent base colors best applied over a white, black, or color-keyed Sealer Base.
Pearl and metallic colors spray best through a 0.5mm tip-sized airbrush or larger but can be used with a 0.3mm tip when thinned generously, up to 10% per volume with 4011 Reducer.
Air pressure generally upper 20s to 35+ psi.

  • Aluminums – Fine W355 , W354 Medium and W356 Coarse are varying grades of actual aluminum-flakes.Apply over 6013 Silver Sealer for an even orientation.
  • W357 Quicksilver – Billet aluminum best applied over a gloss white or black base. For best chrome-like effect, apply over a gloss white base, allow a minimum of 6-hours air dry before top-coating with a gloss clear. W357 same as 4104 Quicksilver. Spray out-of-the-bottle with a 0.3mm tip-size or larger ~ 30 psi.
  • W358 Gold Chrome – Golden billet aluminum best applied over a gloss black or gloss white base. W358 same as 4105 Gold Plating. Spray with a 0.3mm tip or larger ~ 30 psi.

Pearl-Flake Colors – Crystal-shaped pearls suspended in a transparent base for application as a mid-coat, most often over a black base, but work well over w die-spectrum of base colors as well. Pearl-flakes may also be mixed with Candy2o  to make candied pearl colors that are deep and vibrant.

Pearl Flake Series
Hot Rod Sparkle, large pearl-flakes that create a coarse effect. Apply with a 0.5mm or larger tip-size airbrush.

  • W420 HRS White is a transparent flake that mixes and color-keys well with any color.

Color Groups cont’d.

Cosmic Sparkle, small, 8-sdied crystal pearls that create a more refined pearl effect compared to Hot Rod Sparkle.
Cosmic Sparkle are automotive OEM, Xiralliac pearls.
Spray through a 0.5mm and a 0.3mm airbrush tip-size tip with thinning with 4011 Reducer ~ 10 – 20% per volume.

Hi-Lite Interference, accent pearls with a soft effect. Very similar to the shimmering effect of pearlescent fish scale.

  • Concentrate. Extend with 4004 Transparent Base , 4050 or 4030, then thin with 4011 Reducer 5% - 10% per vol.
  • Apply over metallic colors for added glow, for example W 404 Hi-Lite Blue over 6013 Silver Sealer.

Detail Colors – An artist palette of colors that are made with a smaller size of resin-particle (a sub-micron sheer) for better atomization and flow at lower psi settings compared with standard Wicked Colors, which would require more thinning with 4011 Reducer for flow through the same airbrush tip-size.
Detail Colors dry matte compared to other Wicked Colors which dry satin to semi-gloss.
Spray out of the bottle with a 0.5mm to 0.3mm tip-size, reduce 5% - 20% per volume for tip-sizes as small as 0.18mm.

4004 Transparent Base – Transparent resin base to Wicked Colors. Appears milky in solution and dries to a clear finish.
Add 4004 in any ratio to Wicked Colors to extend paint for increased transparency while maintaining a higher viscosity compared with thinning with excess amounts of 4011 Reducer.
4004 works as a fabric primer. Apply direct to shirt to “lock down” fabric knap, allowing for tighter lines & cleaner colors.
Applying 4004 before painting a black t-shirt also helps improve coverage as colors do not soak into fabric as much.


Wicked Colors are a multi-surface paint and can be used in a wide variety of applications, and are compatible for use with most any primer, paint and clear type. Always test first before using on an actual project.

Refer to Hard-Surface Application Guide for information on use of Wicked Colors when painting hard surfaces such as plastic, urethane, wood, primer, and other non-porous surfaces or for use as automotive base-coat & graphic paint.

For best adhesion to non-porous surfaces, start with AutoBorne Sealer. Wicked Colors may be applied over AutoBorne Sealer without scuffing, with quicker coverage and drying times compared to applying Wicked Colors direct to substrate.

Mixing Wicked Colors

  • Wicked Colors may be sprayed with a 0.5mm tip-sized airbrush at 35+ psi out of the bottle, or
  • May be thinned with 4011 Reducer for smaller airbrush tip-sizes, or
  • May also be mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear to create an acrylic-urethane paint better suited for use onto hard-surface substrates or as automotive paint.


Wicked Colors spray well through any airbrush tip-size.
For out-of-the-bottle use, spray with a 0.5mm tip-size ~ 35 psi or more. For use with smaller-tip-sizes and lower psi settings, thin Wicked Colors with 4011 Reducer.

Generally, 4011 Reducer, or other Createx Reducer, is mixed 10% - 20% per volume with Wicked Colors for spraying with an airbrush tip-size of 0.3mm or larger.

For use with smaller tip-sizes, add 4011 Reducer up to 30% per volume.

Add 4011 Reducer in small increments of ~ 5% per volume until paint atomizes into fine particle-size droplets.

To thin colors greater than 30% per volume with 4011 Reducer, extend with 4004 Transparent Base to maintain adequate resin load for best adhesion and durability. Mixing with 4030 or 4005 also adds resin to maintain integrity of coating.

Airbrush Tip-Size Quick Guide:
Large, 0.5+ mm. 35+ psi out of the bottle.
Medium, 0.3mm.+Reduce 15% - 20% per vol.
Small, 0.2mm or less Reduce 25% + per vol.

  • Add reducer in small increments in a mixing cup.

Adding 4030 or 4050:

When mixing Wicked Colors with 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear, add greater amounts of reducer to thin to airbrush viscosity.

  • Add 4030 or 4050 10% - 20% per vol. to Wicked, then thin 10% - 20% per vol. with 4011 Reducer.
  • Allow 10+ minutes for paint mix to acclimate before spraying.


Wicked Colors spray best with a spray-gun when mixed with 4050 Balancing Clear.
Mix Wicked Colors 3:1 4050 (add 4050 25% per vol.),
thin 10% – 20% per volume with 4011 Reducer.

  • Spray-Gun tip-size: 1.2mm – 1.3mm
  • Spray at gun manufacturer’s inlet psi specification.

4011 Reducer is the standard thinner for all Createx paints including Wicked Colors.
Other Createx Reducers may be used to thin Wicked Colors, however when mixing with 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear, only thin with 4011 Reducer.

Allow reduced mix 10+ minutes to acclimate before spraying as reduced breaks down water surface tension for improved flow.

Drying and Cure Times

Times set at ~ 70⁰F (21⁰C), 50% Humidity.
Allow for more dry time in cooler or more humid conditions.

Minimum Dry Times:
Re-Coat Time: 10 – 15 minutes
Time to Tape: 45 – 60 minutes
Time to Clear: 60 minutes

Mixing with 4030 Balancing Clear and 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear shorten dry times.

Use warm, dry air to assist drying.
Do not force cure with heat; doing so will affect adhesion.

Full cure is after 48-hours.
Do not water-submerge before paint has fully cured.


Dry sand only. Sanding not required prior to top-coating with clear or other paint type.
When mixed with 4030 or 4050, Wicked Colors shave best when sanded with 800 - 1000 grit sandpaper.


Wicked Colors are compatible with all other Createx paints and clears. Wicked Colors are also generally compatible with any other type of water-based and solvent-based paint.

When using Wicked Colors with solvent-based paints & clears, allow each to cure, (dry thoroughly for an extended period of at least 1 hour), prior to applying the next paint-type.  Water-based and solvent-based may only be inter-coated, not directly mixed.

Compatibility cont’d.

Always make a test panel prior to using a new paint, primer,
cleaner or clear. A test panel is the best way to determine whether any compatibility issues exist between materials.

Storage & Shelf-Life After Reducing Paint

Best practice is to only thin Wicked Colors with
4011 Reducer, or other Createx Reducers, in amounts that will be sprayed within 24-hours after mixing.
Although Wicked Colors do not have a true pot-life after reducing, (i.e. are not a reactive paint-mix which, at some point after, become unusable), there is an eventual loss of spray-performance due to an increase in viscosity of paint as it loses water through evaporation and flashing of solvent (alcohol) from Wicked + Reducer mix.

Keeping paint air-capped air-tight, at all times unless actually pouring paint from the bottle, minimizes.

Mixing Wicked Colors with 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear does not promote loss of water-content when mixed, its only when 4011 Reducer or other reducers are added that shelf-life is shortened.

If paint that was reduced for more than 1 day does not spray well due to a change in viscosity, i.e., is too thick to spray well, mix paint with 4004 Transparent Base, the resin-base extender of Wicked Colors, in any amount.

  • Best practice is to strain this mix with a 190-micron mesh strainer, then thin with 4011 Reducer.

Cleaning from Airbrush or Spray-Gun

Wicked Colors are best rinsed from the airbrush or spray-gun with 5618 Airbrush Cleaner or 4011 Reducer. Use 4008 Restorer as a rinse for final clean to remove dried paint from airbrush or spray-gun. Rinse with water after.

Cleaning Wicked Colors With a solvent-Based Degreaser

Wicked Colors should only be cleaned after the paint has thoroughly dried, best 48 hours. Use a solvent-based degreaser or odorless mineral spirits to clean Wicked Colors.

Health & Safety

Use in a well-ventilated area.  Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after use.  Do not ingest. When spraying or sanding, use a properly fitting NIOSH approved respirator per the manufacturer’s instructions. Eye contact: Rinse with clean water for 15 minutes.  Seek medical attention. Inhalation: Use in in well ventilated areas and wear a NIOSH approved respirator. Refer to Wicked Colors SDS for additional information.

New Wicked Colors Former Auto Air Colors
W354 - Wicked Aluminum Medium 4102 - Aluminum Medium
W355 - Wicked Aluminum Fine 4101 - Aluminum Fine
W356 - Wicked Aluminum Coarse 4103 - Aluminum Coarse
W357 - Wicked Quicksilver 4104 - Quicksilver
W358 - Wicked Gold Chrome 4105 - Gold Plating
W300 - Wicked Pearl Black 4314 - Pearl Black
W301 - Wicked Pearl White 4301 - Pearl White
W302 - Wicked Pearl Yellow 4350 - Iridescent Brite Yellow
W303 - Wicked Pearl Red 4316 - Pearl Radiant Red
W304 - Wicked Pearl Blue 4308 - Pearl Blue
W305 - Wicked Pearl Lime Green 4304 - Pearl Lime Green
W306 - Wicked Pearl Orange 4315 - Pearl Orange
W307 - Wicked Pearl Plum 4311 - Pearl Plum
W308 - Wicked Pearl Green 4305 - Pearl Green
W309 - Wicked Pearl Teal 4306 - Pearl Teal
W310 - Wicked Pearl Magenta 4310 - Pearl Magenta
W311 - Wicked Pearl Purple 4312 - Pearl Purple
W312 - Wicked Pearl Silver 4302 - Pearl Silver
W313 - Wicked Pearl Gold 4303 - Pearl Gold
W350 - Wicked Metallic Gold 4333 - Metallic Gold
W351 - Wicked Metallic Silver 4332 - Metallic Silver
W352 - Wicked Metallic Platinum 4343 - Metallic Platinum
W353 - Wicked Metallic Fastback Green 4341 - Metallic Fastback Green
W381 - Wicked Pearl Brite Blue 4355 - Iridescent Brite Blue
W382 - Wicked Pearl Electric Blue 4356 - Iridescent Electric Blue
W383 - Wicked Pearl Electric Purple 4358 - Iridescent Purple
W360 - Wicked Metallic White (Fine) 4330 - Metallic White (Fine)
W361 - Wicked Metallic White (Coarse) 4331 - Metallic White (Coarse)
W362 - Wicked Metallic Bronze 4334 - Metallic Bronze
W363 - Wicked Metallic Copper 4335 - Metallic Copper
W364 - Wicked Metallic Blue Silver 4337 - Metallic Blue Silver
W365 - Wicked Metallic Burnt Orange 4338 - Metallic Burnt Orange
W366 - Wicked Metallic Midnight Blue 4340 - Metallic Midnight Blue
W367 - Wicked Metallic Elegance 4342 - Metallic Elegance
W368 - Wicked Metallic Charcoal-Viola 4344 - Metallic Charcoal-Viola
W369 - Wicked Metallic Pewter 4345 - Metallic Pewter
W370 - Wicked Metallic Light Brown 4346 - Metallic Light Brown
W371 - Wicked Metallic Dark Brown 4347 - Metallic Dark Brown
W372 - Wicked Metallic Rose 4348 - Metallic Rose
W373 - Wicked Metallic Actress Gold 4349 - Metallic Actress Gold
W400 - Wicked Hi-Lite Gold 4420 - Hi-Lite Gold
W401 - Wicked Hi-Lite Orange 4421 - Hi-Lite Orange
W402 - Wicked Hi-Lite Red 4422 - Hi-Lite Red
W403 - Wicked Hi-Lite Green 4423 - Hi-Lite Green
W404 - Wicked Hi-Lite Blue 4424 - Hi-Lite Blue
W405 - Wicked Hi-Lite Purple 4425 - Hi-Lite Purple
W420 - Wicked Hot Rod Sparkle White 4501 - Hot Rod Sparkle White
W421 - Wicked Hot Rod Sparke Spectrum 4502 - Hot Rod Sparkle Spectrum
W422 - Wicked Hot Rod Sparkle Gold 4503 - Hot Rod Sparkle Gold
W423 - Wicked Hot Rod Sparkle Blue 4504 - Hot Rod Sparkle Blue
W424 - Wicked Hot Rod Sparkle Green 4505 - Hot Rod Sparkle Green
W425 - Wicked Hot Rod Sparkle Red 4506 - Hot Rod Sparkle Red
W426 - Wicked Hot Rod Sparkle Purple 4507 - Hot Rod Sparkle Purple
W440 - Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Silver 4520 - Cosmic Sparkle Silver
W441 - Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Gold 4521 - Cosmic Sparkle Gold
W442 - Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Red 4522 - Cosmic Sparkle Red
W443 - Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Copper 4523 - Cosmic Sparkle Copper
W444 - Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Blue 4524 - Cosmic Sparkle Blue
W445 - Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Green 4525 - Cosmic Sparkle Green
W446 - Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Autumn Red 4526 - Cosmic Sparkle Autumn Red
W450 - Wicked Flair Tint Violet 4411 - Flair Tint Violet
W451 - Wicked Flair Teal/Purple 4412 - Flair Teal/Purple
W452 - Wicked Flair Blue/Copper 4413 - Flair Blue/Copper
W453 - Wicked Flair Silver Spectrum 4446 - Flair Silver Spectrum


New Wicked Opaque Colors
W030 - Wicked Opaque White
W031 - Wicked Jet Black
W080 - Wicked Opaque Hansa Yellow
W081 - Wicked Opaque Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
W082 - Wicked Opaque Pyrrole Orange
W083 - Wicked Opaque Pyrrole Red
W084 - Wicked Opaque Phthalo Green
W085 - Wicked Opaque Limelight Green
W086 - Wicked Opaque Phthalo Blue
W087 - Wicked Opaque Daylight Blue
W088 - Wicked Opaque Dioxazine Purple
W089 - Wicked Opaque Cream


Wicked Colors Former Auto Air Colors
W001 - Wicked White 4230 - Transparent White
W002 - Wicked Black 4249 - Transparent Black
W003 - Wicked Yellow 4231 - Transparent Yellow
W004 - Wicked Orange 4233 - Transparent Orange
W005 - Wicked Red 4234 – Transparent Fire Red
W006 - Wicked Violet 4247 - Transparent Purple
W007 - Wicked Blue 4241 - Transparent Blue
W010 - Wicked Brown 4248 - Transparent Root Beer
W011 - Wicked Golden Yellow 4232 - Transparent Sun Gold
W012 - Wicked Red Oxide 4253 - Transparent Red Oxide
W015 - Wicked Crimson Red 4235 - Transparent Traffic Red
W016 - Wicked Apple Green 4237 - Transparent Apple Green
W061 - Wicked Detail Cobalt Blue 4255 - Transparent Cobalt Blue
W063 - Wicked Detail Carmine 4236 - Transparent Cherry Red
W076 - Wicked Detail CSC Univ. Fleshtone 4251 - Transparent Tan