Wicked Colors Detail Burnt Sienna W074

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  • Wicked Colors Detail Burnt Sienna W074 W074 Createx
  • Wicked Colors Detail Burnt Sienna W074 W074 Createx
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Wicked Detail Burnt Sienna W074

Water-based, acrylic multi-surface airbrush paints. Made with sub-micron sized resin particles for atomization through smaller airbrush tip-sizes at low psi settings. Made with lightfast pigments and a durable resin.

  • More transparent compared with standard wicked Colors
  • With thinning, suitable for use with any airbrush tip-size and psi setting
  • Thin with 4011 Reducer for use with smaller tip-sizes and lower psi settings
  • Mix with 4030 Balancing Clear for improved adhesion & durability onto plastics and other hard surfaces.
  • Refer to Createx Wicked Colors Technical Data  tech data sheet for more info
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    Posted by Matt Graham on Jun 02, 2020

    I am a classically trained oil painted with a bachelors degree in fine art. So when reviewing this paint i am comparing the name given by the company compared towards its traditional pigment counterpart. This paint is slightly more red than traditional burnt sienna and is fairly transparent. While that means it acts completely different from a traditional brush on artist paint it is actually very good for for layering and creating subtle transitions for fur textures and for wood textures. Imagine a cordovan leather shoe in color and thats what this is.

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