Mirka Sanders

Mirka Sanders

Mirka sanders and polishers available online in USA with fast shipping from SprayGunner

These ell-engineered tools made with ease of use in mind. Ergonomic and efficient, these sanders are designed for productive work days and enough energy left for a fun evening! 

Less noise, less vibration, faster results and cleaner surface - these are highlights of Mirka sanding systems. 

Need a dust-free solution? Check out state-of-the-art sanding stations from Mirka. Vacuum pump to get rid of dust, convenient racks to store your sanding tools, quick and easy to move around the shop and store out of the way. 

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  • Mirka PROS CV Iridium Introduction Kit PROSCVKIT-21

    Mirka PROS CV + Iridium Introduction Kit


    Mirka PROS CV + IRIDIUM INTRODUCTION KIT Includes: Mirka Pros Promo Kit Box 11x7x12.5" 24-6MH-180 Mirka Iridium 6" Grip 121H 180, 50 discs/box   24-6MH-320 Mirka Iridium 6" Grip 121H 320, 50 discs/box   24-6MH-080 Mirka Iridium 6"...
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