Quicksilver Chrome candy2o Box Set 4997-02

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  • Quicksilver Chrome candy2o Box Set 4997-02 4997-02 Createx
  • Quicksilver Chrome candy2o Box Set 4997-02 4997-02 Createx
  • Quicksilver Chrome candy2o Box Set 4997-02 4997-02 Createx
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Createx Colors paint set 4997-02 Quicksilver Chrome candy2o Box Set

Once in a blue moon (pretty much every month at Createx), a new product hits the shelf you just have to buy. Quicksilver Chrome & Candy Box Set is that product. In this all-in-one kit you are getting the newest candy2O colors from Craig Fraser, th latest aircraft-grad aluminum paint "Quicksilver Chrome", a new gloss black and 4040 Bleed Checker, an advanced, hybridized acrylic-urethane clear that works as a bleed barrier for candy colors. 

All these products include step-by-step instructions, gratuitous advertising and a really cool box made of space-age cardboard. 

The best part of this kit is not just the witty product endorsements, but what you can do with the contents! By combining 4040 Bleed Checker, 4104 Quicksilver Chrome and any of candy2O in 1:1:1 ratio, you will crate the coolest new "anodized" FX colors to hit the automotiv industry since, well, actual anodizing. If that's not enough, the QuickSilver Chrome can be used to create the coolest machine-tuned and brushed aluminum look. When layered over the 4258 Gloss Black you can even get an amazing reflective chrome & black-chrome effect. 

Combine all these goodies with the highest quality water-based aniline-dye candys on the market and you have a kit that is definitely worth spending that rent money on. 

With amazing adhesion, ease of spray-ability and a color palette that is limited only by your imagination, QuickSilver Chrome and Candy Box set will easily become your favorite tool in your custom paint arsenal. Heck, buy 2 and give one to that Kustom painter who has everything. Paint to live, live to paint (C) Craig Fraser


  • 4104-04 Quicksilver Chrome

  • 4258-04 Gloss Black

  • 4012-04 High Performance Reducer

  • 4030-04 Balancing Clear | Mix Additive

  • 4040-04 Bleed Checker

  • 4657-02 candy2o Caribe Blue

  • 4650-02 candy2o Blood Red

  • 4664-02 candy2o Black

  • 4661-02 candy2o Emerald Green

  • 4662-02 candy2o Dirt Track Brown

  • 4654-02 candy2o Grabber Orange

  • 4652-02 candy2o Tequila Yellow

  • 4651-02 candy2o Sunset Magenta

  • 4666-02 candy2o Tealiscious

  • 4659-02 candy2o Deep Purple

  • 4653-02 candy2o Lemon Yellow

  • 4656-02 candy2o Midnight Blue

  • 4660-02 candy2o Poison green

  • Hard Surface Application Guide

  • candy2O logo sticker large

  • Auto Air Colors logo sticker

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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Best way to enter Candy2o line

    Posted by Jamie on Jun 15, 2021

    If you're wanting to get started into the Candy20 line, this is the perfect product. It is by far the most cost-effective way to start on candy paint projects. I loved that I can experiment with all the colors to find what works best, then order larger quantities.

  • 5
    Watch the YouTube videos about this kit.

    Posted by Jason Ashcraft on Apr 11, 2021

    After watching some videos on this kit I then learned that buying some extra black & white paint would be wise.

  • 5
    Quicksilver box set

    Posted by Jeremy Diamond on Jan 09, 2021

    Good price compared to others and loved the shipping speed on this product, it was much appreciated.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Kidd on Dec 07, 2020

    As Bow Wow Wow sang: "I want Candy!" This package has already inspired me to try some wicked cool fades and faux anodized looks ... and I've only had time to open the first few magic bottles. Big Thumbs Up to Createx and Craig Fraser for this boxed set. Pssst: and thanks for the stencil samples and stickers. Oh, everybody gets those? Well, still ... cool!

  • 5
    Candy is dandy

    Posted by Richard Voss on Aug 27, 2020

    best way to purchase CC candy 2.0 for the experienced and starter. Love Candy 2.0 product line; DON'T FORGET BLEED CHECKER - spraygunner carries that too

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