Tamco intensity airbrush colors

Tamco intensity airbrush colors

Tamco intensity airbrush colors is a solvent-based paint for airbrush with a good coverage and ease of use straight out of the bottle. 

Tamco intensity airbrush paint can be used with small airbrush nozzle sizes and dry quickly on the surface. It's easy to start airbrushing with this paint, however, make sure your airbrush has PTFE seals so this solvent paint won't damage them. 

This product currently out of stock, we recommend you to check some other brands we carry. Custom Creative solvent-based paint also can be used right out of the bottle or reduced per artist's needs. 

Createx Wicked colors - great water-based alternative to solvents. It offers automotive-grade pigments without the strong smell that associated with solvent paints and can be cleaned with water. 

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