If you are in the market for new materials or equipment, but your budget is holding you back, you can obtain the items you want by trading in unwanted or old equipment. Our store happily takes airbrushes on trade-in to put toward partial purchase price of any item. Currently, SprayGunner accepts:

  • All brands of airbrushes regardless of condition.
  • Many brands of operational compressors with a manufacture date of at least 2010.

The Trade-In Process

Customers who have an airbrush or compressor they want to offer find our trade-in process to be fair, friendly and straightforward.

To trade in one of the aforementioned products:

  • Include a brief product description that states the brand, model, purchase date and frequency of use.
  • List the products at SprayGunner you want to buy.
  • Make a concerted effort to list all damages, dents, dings, scratches and problems.
  • Measure either the original packaging or actual item size if the original packaging is unavailable.
  • Take a minimum of three pictures of the item.

Send all information along with your physical mailing address and complete name to . Once SprayGunner receives the item description and photos, one of our team members will assess the information in order to provide an estimated offer price for the trade-in.

If you decide to accept SprayGunner's offer, we will mail you a prepaid shipping label for your trade-in airbrush or compressor. Once your trade-in item arrives, one of our team members will examine it and provide you with a final estimate and invoice. Your trade-in item can cover up to 40% cost of your purchase. Simply pay the remaining balance, and our store will quickly ship the products to you.

A Few Helpful Tips

In order to get the most money for your equipment, please remember:

Any trade-in items that do not match the description may be returned to you.

The more accurate your trade-in description, the more precise our estimate. When given clear and factual descriptions and photos, we are able to provide an estimate within a 10 percent accuracy range.

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