Our Specials


How special do you want to get? Check out a few of the ways you can save BIG:

  •  On sale, discounted or used. Here you can find some great offers on overstocked items and used products. All used equipment passed our inspection and sold in fully functional condition. 
  •  Trade-in. First and only trade-in for airbrushing goods. We offer incredible deals for our precious clients!
  •  International Shipping Savers. Products and kits in this category are FREE SHIPPING or fixed LOW PRICE shipping to anywhere around globe.

Everyday special: Found better price? Let us beat it! Please contact us for more details.


Did you know you can EARN COUPONS?!

7% One-Time Discount Code: If you make a post on any (valid) social media accounts (posting in Facebook groups also counts!) reviewing the product and/or recommending SprayGunner, we will award you a 7% discount! Just send us email with a link to our post.

10% One-Time Discount Code: We are willing to make the deal a little sweeter if you write an in-depth review on any social media account(s) you may have, regarding your experience with SprayGunner and the product you've purchased from us. What we mean by in-depth is: including pictures, a project you are working on with the product you are reviewing and simply a meaningful review with useful content discussing what you like about the product you are reviewing. We will gladly award you a 10% coupon as a 'Thank-You' for helping spread the word about SprayGunner's products and service!