Mission Models Paints: Royal Air Force (RAF) WWII Paint Set #1

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  • Mission Models Paints: Royal Air Force (RAF) WWII Paint Set #1
  • Mission Models Paints: Royal Air Force (RAF) WWII Paint Set #1
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Mission Models Paints: Royal Air Force (RAF) WWII Paint Set #1

 Size: 1 oz.

Set Includes:

  • MMP-077 RAF Dark Green

  • MMP-078 RAF Dark Earth

  • MMP-079 RAF Interior Green

  • MMP-080 Underside Sky 610

  • MMA-001 Polyurethane Mix Additive  2oz

  • MMA-002 Thinner / Airbrush Cleaner  2oz

All paints are airbrush ready. By nature all paint may vary in consistency based on pigment. You may find some paints to be slightly thicker than others which are natural properties of paint. Mission Models does not add any additional additives to their paints which results in no shelf life, hard settles, or breakdown.


MMA-001 Polyurethane Mix Additive

Volume: 2oz

Add just a couple drops of the Polyurethane to your thinned paint. Just one or two drops is all you need. The Poly greatly increases flow from your airbrush on top of the already amazing flow and leveling of the paint. The results are further leveling, durability, increased sanding capabilities and will also add a very light eggshell finish. When spraying straight from the bottle without thinning your paint add one or 2 drops and adjust your PSI accordingly. You can pull ultra fine lines. Figure painters add a drop for slower blending. Adding too much polyurethane will cause the paint to dry much slower. Do not add Poly to the Mission Models Primer. Remember less is more.

MMA-002 Thinner / Airbrush Cleaner

Volume: 2oz

Mission Models high grade acrylic thinner is a very powerful formula. When mixing your paint they recommend a ratio of 20-30% to 1 or in other words  2 to 3 drops to 10 drops of paint. Same ratio for their Primer. These are the ideal ratios for perfect results. Over thinning will cause more transparency in the paint. Once you mix paint to their recommended ratio you can then further mix to suit your needs. 

Mission Models thinner is also your airbrush cleaner. 


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