Mission Models Paints Color: MMA-001 Polyurethane Mix Additive

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Mission Models Paints
Color: Polyurethane Mix Additive

Volume: 2oz

Add just a couple drops of the Polyurethane to your thinned paint. Just one or two drops is all you need. The Poly greatly increases flow from your airbrush on top of the already amazing flow and leveling of the paint. The results are further leveling, durability, increased sanding capabilities and will also add a very light eggshell finish. When spraying straight from the bottle without thinning your paint add one or 2 drops and adjust your PSI accordingly. You can pull ultra fine lines. Figure painters add a drop for slower blending. Adding too much polyurethane will cause the paint to dry much slower. Do not add Poly to the Mission Models Primer. Remember less is more.

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Must have with MMP paints

    Posted by EA on Apr 10, 2021

    This improves the durability, finish and sprayability of MMP acrylics. When Im mixing up 20 of paints, I’ll add 4 drops of Poly and 5 drops of MMP Thinner/Reducer...sprays great (10-20 psi) even out of .2mm nozzles.

  • 5

    Posted by Dennis kalter on Jun 29, 2020

    This additive works excellently with MMP thinner and paints, when using the poly additive I was able to pin wash without gloss varnishing the model first , I was also able to blend acrylic and oil without any problems , I had no tip dry when using as directed

  • 5
    High quality additive

    Posted by Scott Tappan on May 05, 2020

    Gives the base coat a nice hard shell and improves flow incredibly great stuff

  • 5
    Mission Models Paints Polyurethane Mix Additive

    Posted by Alan Azevedo on Apr 19, 2020

    I recently purchased the MMP Poly Additive and this stuff works like a charm. Just add a few drops to MMP's and the results on your project are awesome. Good Stuff Like SprayGunner… Cheers,

  • 5

    Posted by meshal on Dec 03, 2019

    Adding poly to your MMP paints gives them many benefits. it helps improve flow from the airbrush, gives the paint a more durable finish. and helps the paint level more to a satin finish also.

  • 3
    great product, but too pricey in this size

    Posted by Jim on Nov 28, 2019

    This is just rebranded Createx 4030. You can get 8oz of the same product for 10.00.

  • 4
    Polyurethane Additive

    Posted by Bryce on Oct 23, 2018

    Keep in refrigerator if stored where temperature can exceed 80F. My first bottle went bad after only a few months, and Mission Models gave me this information when I contacted them about it. Otherwise, the product works great, and gives MM paints an even better finish than the paint alone.

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