Articles this issue

*Artist Profile – Pete Sintes
*Water Slide Decal Paper..using water slide in your artwork
– Don Johnson
*Perspective Of A Career – Mickey Harris
*Quick Beach Design- T-Shirt Step By Step
Fred Wagner
*New Product Review – Hard Hitten Mini Stencils
* D.A. Short Bus – Story of a SEMA project
Chris Pulley
*Tech Tip- Adhesion Promoter Use
Pat Dry
*Never Use This To Clean Your Airbrush
Tech Tip – By Dru Blair
*Sexy Airbrush Koi Tattoo Step By Step
Jose Caballero
*Airbrush Seals – Tech Tip
By Artem Raa – Spraygunner
*Spraygunner Tour –
By Artem Raa
*King Kong Truck Mural Step by Step
By Steve Chaszeyka

Cesar Deferrari
Jeff Simon
Glen Donaldson
Stacy McLeay
Donnie Dana
Herman Duang
Paul Butvilla

Top Six Skate Deck Artists
Matt Gardiner
Jim McShea
Dan Falconerdeck
Steve Parker
Kieryn Hyde
Juan Munch Gonzalez

Andres Ruiz
Brandon Dellinger
Chad Kidder
Christian Lachance
Bertram Stach
Kylie Heslop
Patrick Napolitano
David Nutton
Ricky Kikin
GaricaTylor Holmes
Robert Howell
Michael Cossey
A.J. Thompson
Clayton Duford
Kirsten Clare
Lee Mathews
Chad Sinkhom
Mike Richardson
Rod Trickle
Kris Estment
Danny Riddle
Jeff Simon
Chris Pitt
Christian Lachance
Chris Wilson

Cesar Deferrari
Glen Donaldson
Jeff Simon
Juan Chavez
Stacy McLeay
Donnie Dana
Herman Duang
Paul Butvilla