KBS NuMetal - Black (1 lbs)

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  • KBS NuMetal - Black (1 lbs)
  • KBS NuMetal - Black (1 lbs)
  • KBS NuMetal - Black (1 lbs)
  • KBS NuMetal - Black (1 lbs)
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KBS NuMetal

Color: Black
Volume: 1 lbs

KBS NuMetal Epoxy Putty is an easy-to-use two part putty that you simply mix and mold like clay. No weighing or measuring required.


  • Before mixing NuMetal, clean off any loose debris, grease, oil, gasoline, rust, or dirt from surface.
  • KBS Klean is the ideal surface prep.
  • For best results sand or rough up the surface to help improve the putty's adhesion.
  • NuMetal that is cold or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit will be stiffer and slightly more difficult to mix and also take longer to set.
  • NuMetal that is warm or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit will be softer and easier to mix, but will have a shorter work life and set much quicker.
  • Allow approximately 30+ minutes for work time.
  • NuMetal will begin to set in about 1 hour from the time mixing is complete and will be fully cured in about 12 hours.


  • Using a 1:1 ratio, cut only what you need.
  • Cut equal parts of A and B bars using a ruler as a guide.
  • It is much easier to mix several smaller quantities together than a large amount.
  • Knead and roll the NuMetal in your hands or on a clean working surface.
  • Work at least 2 minutes for a walnut-sized piece; work at least 15 minutes for a whole pound.
  • Firmly press, shape or mold the NuMetal to the surface that you are repairing.
  • For a very smooth, professional looking surface and to eliminate the need for sanding, smooth and feather with wet fingertips before drying.
  • Expect a steel hard cure in about 12 hours.
  • After Curing, NuMetal can be sanded, drilled, routed, screwed, chiseled, surfaced, tapped, turned, filed, carved, stained, or painted.

Clean Up:

  • Securely seal any unused putty in the plastic zip bag.
  • Clean all tools, reusable gloves, or any other used objects with soap and warm water IMMEDIATELY.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially before eating, drinking, or smoking.


  • NuMetal has a very good shelf life.
  • Always place any unused putty in the securely sealed plastic zip bag and store in a cool dry location.
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