KBS Fusion Self-Etching Primer Aerosol

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  • KBS Fusion Self-Etching Primer Aerosol
  • KBS Fusion Self-Etching Primer Aerosol
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KBS Fusion Self-Etching Primer Aerosol

Volume: 14 oz (396g)

KBS Fusion Self-Etch Primer is an all-purpose olive drab self-etching primer ideal for promoting adhesion between multiple surface coatings (including applications of topcoats or primers over cured RustSeal) in addition to priming bare automotive metals such as steel, brass, aluminium, and some hard plastics.

Theoretical Coverage:

  • 1 can of Fusion Self-Etching Primer should coat up to 35 sq. ft. with 1 coat coverage


  • Clean well and dry all surfaces to be etched or primed. (KBS Klean, a water-based cleaner/degreaser, is recommended when cleaning is needed.)
  • Shake the can vigorously for approximately 1 minute to ensure proper color uniformity and to prevent any clogging.
  • A single light coat is generally all that is required but you can apply additional coats as needed.
  • When needed, apply 2 to 3 light to medium coats allowing a 3 to 5 minute dry time between each coat.
  • Apply using steady and even strokes. 
  • Product will be dry-to-the-touch in 15 minutes
  • Allow one hour dry time before sanding, priming or top-coating.
  • No need to sand if coated over within 24 hours.
  • IMPORTANT: Clean spray head immediately after use by turning can upside down and spraying until no more paint appears. If clogging occurs, remove spray head and clean with a fine wire. Replace carefully, pointing can and spray head away from you and others. Clean up as needed with KBS #1 Thinner or lacquer thinner.

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