KBS Bed Renu Aerosol

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  • KBS Bed Renu Aerosol
  • KBS Bed Renu Aerosol


KBS Bed Renu Aerosol

Volume: 15 oz. (425g)

KBS Bed Renu is a tough and flexible thick black protective coating designed to touch up areas where your bed-liner has worn away or needs "Renu'd". KBS Bed Renu protects against corrosion and abrasion while withstanding impacts and improving traction. KBS Bed Renu features fast cure and excellent adhesion also extending the life of your vehicle.

Theoretical Coverage:

  • A can of KBS Bed Renu should coat up to 30 Sq. Ft.

Surface Prep:

  • For the best end results, apply KBS Bed Renu to clean and dry surfaces.
  • If needed, use KBS Klean to remove all surface contaminants. Avoid solvent-based cleaners which leave invisible residues that can affect adhesion of KBS Bed Renu.



  • Always Apply KBS Bed Renu to prepared surfaces as described above.
  • Always wear protective gloves and eye wear when using Bed Renu.
  • Always use NIOSH/MSHA approved air supplied respirator.
  • For best results spray at room temperature 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 32 degrees Celsius).
  • Use only in moderate to dry atmospheric conditions (70% humidity or lower).
  • Shake can for at least 1 minute after listening for rattle, or mixing ball.
  • During application, shake intermittently for approximately 10 seconds at 1 to 2 minute intervals.
  • Press valve all the way down.
  • Do not extend finger beyond the valve.
  • Hold container 8 to 10 inches from surface to be sprayed.
  • Do not cover with continuous spray. Move back and forth releasing sprayhead after stroke. Overlap each stroke.
  • If clogging develops, turn sprayhead 1/4 turn, or remove and clean sprayhead.
  • IMPORTANT: Apply thin coats rather than heavy coats. If paint runs or sags, paint is being applied too heavily or paint can is too close to surface. Apply one or two thin covering coats for general applications.
    For marine or industrial applications, apply a minimum of 2-3 thin covering coats. Recoating can be done once first or consecutive coat is dry-to-touch. For best results always apply coats consecutively within 24 hours of each coat curing.
    Average recoat cure times are 1-2 hours depending on humidity levels. Full cure is usually achieved within 48 hours.


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