GSI Creos Gundam Color Model Paint: Zeon's MS Gray (UG09)

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GSI Creos Mr.Hobby Gundam Color Model Paint

Color: Zeon's MS Gray (semi-gloss)
Volume: 10ml

Mr.Color is a paint that has long been highly regarded by modelers all over the world as a model paint that delivers an excellent finish. The Gundam Color line helps bring your Gundam models to life with quality paints that have been adjusted to the the official tones of the Gundam Universe. These Paints have been developed to better cover the base color and provide a strong top coating.

  • It is recommended to dilute at a ratio of 1:1 for brush painting.
  • When using an air brush - it is recommended diluting to a ratio of 1 (Gundam Color) : 1-3 (Mr. thinner).
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3 Reviews

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    Mr. Color Gundam MS Gray

    Posted by Bryant L. on Jan 25, 2021

    I try to add a picture of this color in the future but I just wanted to comment that I've tried a variety if different gray's from Mr. Color and Tamiya and this is the color I've been looking for. Since we all use different phones, different monitors, ajd different lighting even a picture of this wouldn't be the exact same color you see on your screen. On my phone this color looks almost black. But in real life it's a perfect shade of dark gray in my opinion. I had purchased Tamiya Neutral Gray and I gotta say that, that particular color is the worst color gray I've ever seen. I'm assuming the "neutral" in it's name is just another word for "boring" as that particular color is extremely dull to look at. The MS Gray here however, somehow manages to make it seem alive. It's hard to explain and I can't think of a word to best describe it. Maybe I could say it has dimension to it as compared to Tamiya Neutral Gray? Perhaps it's better for you to buy a 10ml jar and see if it suits your needs as it has mine. It looks excellent when matched with white as a color pair.

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    Finally no more mixing

    Posted by Jonathan Lara on Jul 27, 2020

    I usually paint more gunpla kits than anything else and when I still painted mostly with enamel I always had to mix my preferred inner frame gray color because the Testors gray colors were always way off. Once I noticed that this gray paint was in stock I decided to get it to see how close it was to the shade I liked. So far it’s the closest to it; it’s just a bit darker but by far the best so thankfully I won’t be mixing the gray for the frame anymore unless I decide to paint it lighter and for that I might just buy another gray to not mix the paint anymore. Getting the color wrong was one of the things that would anger me the most.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jalal Marafi on Jul 26, 2020

    Very nice paint, good coverage.

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