Createx Auto-Air Colors 4100 & 4300 Series - Gallon Special Order

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Createx Auto-Air Colors 4100 & 4300 Series Special Order

Volume: 1 Gallon

*Note: This is a special order and will have a 7 day waiting period before shipping.

4100 Aluminum Colors are actual aluminum with unique properties separate from other Auto-Air Colors. They’re highly reflective, making them an ideal base for candy colors. They also work excellent as a standalone silver finish; 4102 Aluminum Base Medium is an incredibly brilliant, show quality finish.

Start with 6013 AutoBorne Silver Sealer.When painting large panels, bike tanks & fenders, complete vehicles, apply 4100 Series Aluminum Bases as a mid-coat over AutoBorne Silver Sealer to achieve an even metallic orientation. When applied over a black or non-metallic base as a base color, 4100 Series Aluminum can appear splotchy on side-cast views despite an even application that looks well orientated on direct views; this is a unique characteristic of the aluminum flake which makes them different compared to 4300 Series Silvers.  4100 Series Aluminums are spectacular silvers, however for large applications; best results are achieved applying them over a silver ground coat.

Aluminum Bases are sensitive to touch. Do not wipe clean or scuff after painting as any direct contact will create visible streak marks in the final finish due to the aluminum flakes being bent & crushed when wiped. The aluminum flakes are brilliant but are much different to work with compared to Auto Air 4300 Series silvers.  Applying a clear top-coat or candy mid-coat is recommended soon after Aluminum Bases have cured. Apply 4004 Transparent Base or 4030 Auto Air Inter-Coat if extended time is planned before top-coating as inter-coat will protect from direct contact when cleaning prior to clear.

Coverage:  Aluminum Bases cover well as they’re applied as a pearl mid-coat over a black sealer base.  100% coverage is not intended as dimension is created by allowing some of the black base to be visible in the final finish.  On average, 2 – 3 light coats with a full sized spray gun over a black base is required. Avoid excessive material build-up as this creates mottling and a splotchy finish. Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide’s Material Usage project-specified material estimate.

Aluminum Bases are best applied with a spray-gun or large tip-sized airbrush.

4300 Pearlescent and Metallic Colors are pearl base coats. For graphics and base coat application, they’re best applied as a mid-coat over a color-keyed AutoBorne Sealer base.

Start with a color-keyed AutoBorne Sealer for best orientation. Auto Air Pearlescent & Metallic Colors lay down flat with an even pearlescent orientation when applied over a color-keyed base color as opposed to a white or black base.  By color – keying with the base color, less material is required which reduces the build-up of pearlescent that creates a mottled, splotchy finish. Using minimal amounts of pearlescent is key to achieving an even pearlescent finish. It is also important to allow for adequate drying time in between coats of Pearlescent & Metallic Colors so that each coat lays down in an even pattern.  If the underlying coat is still tacky, the next coat’s pearlescent will accumulate along the underlying coat’s pearlescent pattern and develop channels of pearl which will create a mottled appearance.  Color-keying the Pearlescent Colors with the underlying base color saves not only material, but allows for quicker drying times due to less material per coat and an even orientation in the finish.

Pearlescent Colors and Metallic Colors cover well, especially over a color-keyed base of AutoBorne Sealer.

On average, 2 – 3 coats are required for complete coverage. Orientation will benefit from a drop-coat after full coverage has been achieved.  Reduce psi by 7 – 10psi and apply a single, cross pattern coat.

Allow each coat ample time to dry.  When the pearlescent powder in the underlying coat is truly dry, the next, wet coat’s pearlescent powder will not accentuate the underlying pattern resulting in “channeling” of pearlescent in the finish. Applying a well-orientated coat in an even and consistent spray pattern that is properly atomized is essential to a achieving a great finish.  Using with a color-keyed AutoBorne Sealer makes this much easier when painting helmets, bikes, cars and any large paint job.

Pearlescent and Metallic Colors are best applied with a large tip-sized airbrush or spray-gun.


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