Createx Additive Set

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Createx Additive Set

4 oz bottle of each

1 x 4030 Intercoat Clear

1 x 4008 Restorer

1 x 4011 High-Performance Reducer

1 x 4020 Automotive Reducer

4030 Intercoat Clear

A non-catalyzed, polyurethane, water-based clear for use as an inter-coat and mixing direct to colors for improved performance and coating integrity upon curing.

  • Apply 4030 Intercoat Clear over Auto Air 4600 Series candy₂O  and 4300 Series Metallic & Pearlized Colors to prevent tape marks.  4030 Intercoat works well as a protective coating over Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors.
  • Use 4030 Intercoat over Auto Air candy₂O  to prevent bleeding into top-coated colors.
  • Mix 4030 Intercoat 10% per volume with Auto Air candy₂O.  If a less viscous paint mixture is desired, reduce further with 4012 High Performance Reducer or 4020 Automotive Reducer.
  • 4030 Intercoat’s polyurethane, water-soluble resin mixes well with all Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors to create a more durable coating after air drying.  When mixed direct with colors, 4030 acts like a viscous reducer which improves flow & sprayability as well as creating a more durable coating which is less susceptible to moisture and direct contact soon after drying.
  • Compared with 4004, 4030 Intercoat dries to a more transparent, cleaner coating which is harder and more durable.
  • Not for use as a top-coat clear.

4008  Airbrush Restorer


Restorer is a biodegradable super cleaner which partially dissolves dried paint.  Use as an end of day soak to clean airbrush and spray gun parts.

·         Soak parts for 10 minutes up to one hour then clean with brush and water

·         Restorer will partially dissolve any dried or cured paint as well as soft plastics, keep away from stencils and other plastics

·         Not for use as a cleaner between color changes while painting.

·         Rinse parts with water thoroughly after soaking with Restorer

·         Restorer is reusable; store in a metal can or ceramic cup for multiple uses.

·         Water-based.  Tested to meet ASTM D-4236 labelling standards.

5619 Createx Colors Restorer is the same as 4008 Auto Air Colors Restorer


Createx Colors 4011 Reducer is a go-to option for all the Createx paint lines

Use to thin colors for improved flow, leveling and spray-ability with an acceleration in drying time. For airbrush usage, 4011 Flash Reducer aids with control and preventing over-spray when using smaller tip sizes at lower PSI settings for cleaner lines for detailed work.


· Speciality thinner for use when painting in humid or cold conditions. Contains Acetone and Glycol Ethers.

· Colors dry faster, cure to a harder coating compared with reducing with 4012 High Performance Reducer

· Works excellently with Createx Illustratio Colors for automotive airbrush colors. Note reducing with 4020 does make Illustration Colors dry hard without soft-erasing.

· Use only in controlled spray environments with adequate ventilation and a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator


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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Createx additive set

    Posted by Jev12b on Oct 14, 2020

    Createx additive set is a must-have staple in your arsenal. If you are new to airbrushing and getting set up, this is one of the products that will help you achieve that goal. Reducing, surface prep, cleaning, and adhesion to various surfaces is what to expect from these products. Happy spraying.

  • 5
    Additve 4oz Set

    Posted by Ben Blankenship on Jun 03, 2020

    Great deal! Got the best reducers (in my opinion 4012,4020) and the 4030 can be used in several applications from mixing with Candy 2o to mixing with Createx Airbrush line to improve paint sticking and stayin on plastic. It’s all you need as far as additives for any one of the whole Createx line. Also Spraygunner is the best price for the 4oz set of 4 additives!

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