PS290 0.5mm trigger type

PS290 0.5mm trigger type


A - Nozzle

B - Needle

C - Air cap 

Fan air cap

Round spray air cap    

D - Air cap ring

E - Head 

F - Trigger (lever)

G - Lever screw

H - Needle packing screw with PTFE seal    

I - Needle spring

J - Needle chuck

K - Needle lock-nut

LInner middle part

M - Middle part

N - Middle spring

O - Air valve complete

P - Lid

Q - Handle

R - Needle adjustment screw

S - Airbrush body

T - Spring housing

U - Middle part screw   

V - Adapter 1/8" - PS

W - Nozzle tool

X - Head o-ring




Y - Trigger piston

Z - Paint cap




150cc paint cup

Maintenance kit

Air filter with regulator

Airbrush stand with tray