Win a prize in our weathering contest!

Win a prize in our weathering contest!

It’s time for another contest!

This time we will be focusing on weathering effects dome with any products from AMMO by Mig catalog. They are all available at

Any style of any scale can enter this competition!

If you’re weathering a tiny model of a spaceship – you’re in! If you’re working on a full-scale helmet with weathering effects – you’re welcome to participate!

Prizes: gift certificates for usable to purchase any AMMO by Mig products.
We have 4 categories:

- Long-long time ago (any historical items from the 18th century or older)

- 19th-20th century (all real vehicles/characters/events from this time)

- Modern-day (all real 21st-century vehicles/characters/events)

- Never happened (all the sci-fi projects)

Each category will have 3 prizes:

1st Place $75 certificate

2nd Place $45 certificate

3rd place $25 certificate

Winners will be selected by the Board of Judges which we will announce in May.

The Grand Prize will be Best of All selected by the SprayGunner Team vote.

This will be interesting because out of our 15 teammates only 3 are involved in scale modeling. We will not let them know the results of the Judge Board voting so it’s likely that the Grand Prize will go to someone not even among category prize places.

The size of the prize will be determined by you!

The last time we had 56 entries. This contest is longer, and we hope to see more activity, so we set the Grand Prize as a $100 base for the first 50 entries. Every qualified entry on top of that will add $3 to the grand prize, up until it reaches the $500 cap. If we will have 56 entries as last time, the Grand Prize is $118. But we might see over 100 entries and that will be awesome for everybody!

To qualify:

You must build any project using some of the AMMO by Mig weathering series products on it.

One of the pictures of your project must show a packaged product you’ve used with a visible AMMO logo.

Post your project in FB group “Scale Modeling Contests and Events by SprayGunner”

Use hashtag #SG-AMMO. In the description use the category name.

Share this contest with some friends! The more people get in, the larger Grand Prize becomes!

Keep in mind that our team likes to see the SprayGunner logo in images as well!

The deadline to post your project for this contest is noon EST on June 30, 2021.

Apr 01, 2021 SprayGunner

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