​​The ARISM Viz by SPARMAX, a brand new and innovate compressor in airbrushing

​​The ARISM Viz by SPARMAX, a brand new and innovate compressor in airbrushing

The ARISM Viz, a brand new and innovate compressor in airbrushing

We love a new product, so it is no surprise that we have got a little bit excited about the brand  new ARISM Viz, named from the word Vis, it is not only efficient and strong, but it is also designed to create beautiful visuals for those who use it.

This upgraded version of a current compressor that you can buy, it brings together two innovative and brand new designs from Sparmax. These are the Smart-Stop and the  Silver Bullet Plus.

This creates a compressor which is not only wonderfully compact, but is ergonomic and intuitive too.

Let’s take a look at the two main features of the Viz.

The Smart-Stop

The Smart-Stop part of this brand new product is designed to enhance the experience of the airbrush artist using it. It is not only compact, but it saves energy too. In order to use minimal energy possible this particular compressor will stop when the airbrush is placed back into the holder, ready to restart when it starts again. Ideal for those that are aware of how much energy they are using.

Not only this, but it also means that you won’t have to deal with the noise that comes with working in airbrushing. Simply place it back into the holder, and you will find yourself sat in peace and quiet. Ideal for when you need a moment to assess your work.

The last benefit of this technology is that you will find that the unit doesn’t overheat, which ensures that it lasts as long as possible.

The Silver Bullet Plus

Whilst the Smart-Stop tech is one of the biggest selling points of this brand new compressor. The impressive design doesn’t end there.

Knowing that space is limited for everyone, this compressor includes the Silver Bullet Plus, which combines moisture filtering with a built in bleed valve. This not only allows for greater control, right at your fingertips, but also gives you the compact and ergonomic design that you crave.

So, are you looking for something that is easy to use, eats up less energy and gives you amazing results in your airbrushing? This could just be the innovative new product that you are looking for.

Why not check out the new ARISM Viz and be introduced into a world of high quality, low noise? As well as a design that any artist would be more than proud to own in their studio. 

Mar 11th 2017 SprayGunner

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