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​Steps To Starting a Cosplay

​Steps To Starting a Cosplay

Comic Con is a social event of Cosplay that brings people together to celebrate the joy of creativity, showcase the amazing talent, and create some of the best memories you'll remember for a lifetime. 

We just had a great show at 2022 Tampa Comic Con and want to share some pictures with you, as well as get ideas for those of you who haven't started yet.  

You don't have to be a professional cosplayer to know what's happening in the world of cosplay. Inspired by the convention scene, comic book culture, reality TV, and more, these stories about dressing up as your favorite characters are something you won't want to miss. 

Here are five steps that will help you start in a word of cosplay. 

Choose a character. Choosing a character can be the most rewarding step in cosplay but also the most challenging. Learning how to choose the perfect character for you is an art form. Selecting a character you're comfortable portraying is important because it takes time to look like that person. The perfect character makes you want to bring his or her personality and physicality to life through cosplay. As the first step in starting with cosplay, choose a character that people will recognize. Don't do it if you don't think you can pull off a character's look or personality. The focus of cosplay is to have fun and make friends, so choose a personality you wish to portray accurately. 

Research your character. This is the second step in starting your cosplay research. Know the characters before you try to find the perfect costume for them. Research their body type, personality, and background (if there is one). Research whether they have a specific race, such as elves or dwarves, because that may affect what you choose to wear. Find some images and video clips of the character to get a better idea of what you will look like in costume and how you'll act. This will help you see what items you need to make or purchase and how to style your hair and apply your makeup. Look up some videos! We're putting up a lot of how-to videos online as well as some other creative people. We also teach in our Florida facility.  If your character is part of a group, then do research on what their clothing looks like so that you can find similar items at home or online, and perhaps some friends to go into this with you ;)  

Plan your costume. When choosing a costume, it's important to consider the materials used. This doesn't mean you need to find something new or exclusive; your costume doesn't always have to be expensive or hard to get your hands on. This can vary depending on whether it is a set of elaborate wings made with feathers or foam or something simpler like an everyday outfit that you can mix up a bit. Look for lightweight fabrics that won't cause your skin to sweat or feel sticky. Also, consider whether your look will match the weather conditions of the event; if it's cold outside and you plan on dressing up, then bring a warm hat, scarf, and gloves to stay warm! 

Buy or make the components of your cosplay.  While you can find everything you need for your cosplay online, you might prefer to build it yourself - and that's more than alright! Most cosplayers will have a variety of techniques for making different parts of their costumes, some easier and some more challenging. Many people outsource their component parts, especially the really hard bits! If you do not have the skills to make your components or prefer not to attempt it, then outsourcing is a cost-effective way to get everything done by pros. 

Get ready for the convention. You're almost ready to attend your convention! Now is a great time to get organized by printing out some cosplay tips and reminders, gathering your costume, figuring out how to take care of your cosplay so it lasts all weekend, laying out your packing bags and accessories, running test cosplays, or making changes to the costume if needed, getting the best pictures possible, and packing essentials that will keep you healthy and happy throughout the convention. 

Conclusion. After reading this article, you should better understand how to start a cosplay hobby. Keep in mind that it will take hard work and patience to succeed in this field and even more effort to become recognizable. If you want to become successful, you need to be willing to spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting your craft. Perhaps most importantly, you must keep a positive attitude and remember that no matter how frustrated you get, there will always be people rooting for you. The main thing - don't ever forget why you're doing it. To have a TON OF FUN!

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Aug 11, 2022 SprayGunner

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