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SprayGunner International  Online Scale Model Competition

SprayGunner International Online Scale Model Competition

Welcome to the international SprayGunner online scale model competition! We want to share our support for this wonderful hobby carried out by people from all over the world. We see it as a means of connection, friendship, and enjoyment shared by very different individuals with the same passion.

To participate in this contest, please follow a few simple rules listed below.

We have fantastic prizes for winners, sponsored by Ammo by Mig and SprayGunner. Our favorite projects will be recognized and published on the social networks and official pages of SprayGunner and Ammo by Mig.

Submit a minimum of five (5) photos of your model completed using Ammo by Mig products. One of the pictures must have at least one Ammo by Mig product next to the model or SprayGunner card/sticker/t-shirt you have (no Photoshop masters, please).

All participating models must be finished in 2023. Yes, you can enter if you started building your model in 2021 and finished it earlier this year (2023). *Please note that your model can be disqualified from the competition if it was spotted online or competed in local events prior to 2023. One model can compete only in one category.

There are 8 categories listed below. When posting a model, please mention which category. One project can enter only one category, so choose wisely!

The Categories:

1. Planes

2. Civil vehicles, cars, and motorcycles

3. Figures, Gundam, and Mecha

4. Military and armored vehicles

5. Science Fiction/Fantasy

6. Sea, any vehicle or composition on water.

7. Warhammer

8. Scratch built / kitbashing

For Category 8. Scratch built; please submit photos proving it is made from scratch.

*Please note that we want to have more people inspired and participate in this wonderful hobby so if you submit multiple models in different categories – we highly appreciate it, but after getting first prize with any of your models, the rest of the projects will be excluded from the competition.

The deadline to submit your mode is December 31st, 2023. Enough time to build something for the contest, which we highly encourage, and we will be happy to share your process on our pages!

To enter the contest, please post your model with the required pictures (see below). Use hashtags #SprayGunner #SGAMMO2023 #AmmobyMig

We don’t want to miss any submissions, so please follow one of these guidelines:

1.Submit your model to our contest group here

Please make sure you create a new post, not commenting on someone’s entry!

2.Or post it anywhere and send us a link to

If you don’t like social media, you can simply email us pictures and all the information, and we will post it for you.

Important: Please keep it between 5 and 10 pictures! Don’t send too many. If you send over 10, we will have to filter what we think is most suitable.

Minimum photos required:

Photo 3/4 front

Photo 3/4 back

Photo right side

Photo left side

Photo of the model with Ammo product and/or SprayGunner attribute next to it.

The Judges:

To be announced.

The awards:

1st Place: Hobbyists Arsenal Gold Medal and $100 gift card that can be spent on any AMMO products.

2nd Place: Hobbyists Arsenal Silver Medal and $70 gift card that can be spent on any AMMO products.

3rd Place: Hobbyists Arsenal Bronze Medal and $30 gift card that can be spent on any AMMO products.

Oct 10, 2023 SPRAYGUNNER

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