SprayGunner gets a long-awaited visit from The AIR Space!

SprayGunner gets a long-awaited visit from The AIR Space!

We had the pleasure of welcoming The AIR Space’s Bill Kennedy and wife Allison for a long-awaited visit with us this week. Bill has been supporting us since the very beginning, so it is always a pleasure to have him stop by. Luckily, we had just finished our 48 state cross-nation journey so he was welcomed by Artem, Alena, and the oh-so-famous Alisa! Just ask Allison, they’re huge fans of the yougin! It means so much when our loyal supporters continue to help us through the years, no matter how much we grow, or how many ups and downs we have. It is important to support each other each step of the way.

Bill was also nice enough to have some of our employees do short interviews, so the viewers could get a more personal look at the team here at SprayGunner. We want you to know that you’re not communicating with a bunch of robots or automated devices, just real humans doing real work! In this video we introduced Danny, Corinne, Walter, and Jacob, just a small amount of the people in our team. As we grow, we realize that these employees will be wearing various hats, but they are all such hard working and passionate individuals that they don’t hesitate to take on some extra responsibilities. Be on the lookout for some openings very soon! If you’ve ever wanted to work at SprayGunner, you may have the chance to in the near future, as we continue growing.

If you didn’t know already, SprayGunner is much more than just an online arsenal! Did you know, that if you’re local to the Tampa area, you can come in and shop via our show room and in person customer service reps? A great way to shop if you’re in a rush for supplies or just want to come in and say hi! Don’t forget to tag us in any story or posts that you make on social media, we love seeing what you guys have to say about our products. We take pride in taking care of our customers first so we want to hear that every package delivered was received with care! 

Feb 21, 2022 SprayGunner

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