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Save even more money while shopping at!

Save even more money while shopping at!

Hello SprayGunner family! Today we’re coming at you with the opportunity to save even money while shopping with us. Have you heard of the reward program that we offer? If you purchase any products through while signed-in to your account, you will receive rewards! For every $10 you spend, you get 1 point. This video highlights the key aspects of the rewards program and shows you exactly how to redeem the points and steps you take leading up to getting reward of your choice attached to your next order! You will need to be logged into an account to earn and redeem points through That’s necessary for our system to track and assign your points properly. Once you logged in, click the “check rewards” button in the bottom left corner of home page. You will see all the rewards available at this moment (yes, we change them time to time and offer specials on holidays so check back often). Once you’ve decided which reward you’d like to get and have enough points for it – click “claim” next to it. You will see a new screen with the code you need to copy. Once you’re ready to use this reward, simply click “View” and then copy the code that is provided. If you’re getting a free item, you will then have to add whatever product you’re trying to redeem to your cart, along with the rest of your shopping list. When you checkout, you will paste the generated code into the “coupon” box provided for you under your order total. When you click apply, your order total will reflect whatever the reward was offering. After you’re done with that, you can continue with the transaction and finalize your order. Please remember that you must be signed in to redeem points. If you are not signed in, the website will not generate points for you. Another important thing to note is that you can only use one coupon code per order. You can redeem as many rewards as you have available to you, but they must be done in separate orders. If you have anymore questions or feel as though there is something we did not touch on, you can refer to the FAQ page or shoot us an email at

Jul 13, 2022 SprayGunner

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