Q&A with Createx Colors

Q&A with Createx Colors

Our team visited Createx Colors manufacturing facility in East Granby, CT during SprayGunner's 48-state tour. 

During this time we've recorder a few videos together. Most of them will be published on official Createx channel, but we also made a couple for ourselves. 

This is one of them. Questions and answers with Craig Kennedy - President of the Createx Colors.

We started with a silly question regarding colors of their main logo. Just some fun to get ready for the serious stuff! 

00:58 We're discussing Createx 2021 decision to discontinue Auto-Air paint line. No worries, all the good colors saved and merged to Wicked Colors line. Auto-Borne sealers and candy2o colors are independent brands now and will continue to help artists around the World to create some amazing painting projects!

 03:40 We talked about the future of Sparklescent colors and color-shifts. They are discontinued for now, but Craig promised to bring them back under new automotive paint line from Createx. Release date will be announced later, stay tuned!

 05:40 Wicked Opaque colors - new addition to Createx Wicked paint line. The first acrylic-urethane paint in Createx brand collection. Something you have to try! They spray super smoothly and cover from just a two quick coats. 

07:50 Craig gives detailed review on all of the Createx reducers, including 4011 (their go-to choice), 4012 (on the way out), 4013, and 4020. Choosing the right reducer and mix ratio is important so don't miss that part! 

12:55 More details on how to mix Createx paints and especially candy2o. Proper technique, use of 4050 UVLS clear and 4011 reducer. Also important to know. Proper preparation of paint is the way to exclude many application difficulties. 

16:50 Createx Colors often update their tech sheets. We questioned Craig about these changes in tech sheets and found the reason behind it. Createx constantly improve their products and makes necessary changes in TDS and application guides.   

18:00 Craig explains why it's important to giving time for mixed water-based paint to sit before spraying.

 19:00 Can Createx paint be used without reducer? Hear the response directly from the manufacturer!   

20:40 The Mystery of black and white caps on the bottles. We're finishing up with another fun questions. Of course there is no mystery, it's just a shortage of material. Plastic bottles and caps were used to produce tons of additional sanitizers during COVID-19 pandemic and we're glad that Createx managed to continue supplying their awesome products with very little discrepency. 

Thank you guys for the useful information and continue filling market with high quality airbrush paints! 

Jun 12, 2021 SprayGunner

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