Painting Mjolnir tutorial

Painting Mjolnir tutorial

Hello SprayGunner followers and welcome to our tutorial of this fun little project we just finished. A resin printed 3D scale model of Thor's Hammer. Check out the video on YouTube for step by step painting.

We first started with drilling two holes inside the handle exactly in the center to make sure that both pieces fit perfectly together. To assemble the handle, mix some epoxy glue using the Tamiya paint stirrer 74017. You have about 3 minutes before it hardens so do this fairly quickly. 

Next we will fill the joint with Ammo CA glue (AMIG8046) quick dry. Sprinkling Ammo magic powder 8047 around the border will make an instant dry glue when applying the spray activator Amig 8037. Proceed with cleaning the excess product around the seam with a clean microfiber cloth Next some sanding is required to cleanup the imperfections around the joint with a Mirka pad 600. A sanding file from Mr Hobby can also be used to completely level the surface of the handle. (MF06:1100) 

With a same Mirka pad (1355-600) we sand the rest of the irregularities that the hammer has and smooth out any edges. One side of the base does not need to be opened so we will seal it up using the AMMO glue 8046. We need the other side unglued so we can change the batteries from time to time.(Amig-8046) 

When most of the hammer is assembled it’s time for some liquid mask Amig 2032  Using a #2 brush (Amig-603) we make the cracks randomly throughout the hammer so the light can shine thru later.  Once the mask has dried we primed it with Mr Hobby (Mr Surfacer B-529) and will be painting it with all ChromaAir paints. 

The first layer is the black base ChromaAir paint (CA031) applying it gently and in multiple layers until the pieces are completely covered. The paint was diluted at a 70-30 ratio dilute the paint 70-30 with ChromaAir reducer. Followed with several light coats of ChromaAir Magnesium Ca205 for the overall base on top black. (CA205) This was also diluted at a 70-30 ratio. The magnesium is a slightly darker metallic so the last color used is the ChromaAir Aluminum slightly diluted to highlight the ornaments and designs of the hammer. 

Once the aluminum details have been finished we grabbed Ammo's black wash (Amig-1011) to bring out all the ornamental details of the hammer even further. Carefully painting all the depressions and brand lines. You can use a cotton stick to remove any excess wash. Now its time to carefully paint the handle with matte black paint (Amig-0046) using a Tamiya Modeling Brush Pro II (8717) This is a little tedious but after the next step you will see why this is a must. 

Next, it’s time to wet your brush with brown Ammo paint (Amig-0015) and pad it dry, almost creating like a dry brush paint. Start with light strokes so the background color is still showing a little bit, staying away from the ridges of the handle so you can accent the crevices for more detail. Once most of the handle is painted used the Matt aluminum (Amig-0194) and the Tamiya Modeling Brush Pro II (87175) to hit the edges here and there to brighten the details a bit. 

Now that the handle is done it’s time to remove the liquid mask with some Tamiya HG tweezers revealing the cracks in the hammer. The last and final step to give it that extra pop we used the Molotov Liquid Chrome marker (703.103) to edge all the details of the hammer. Assemble the hammer with more Ammo CA glue. Turn on the internal LED’s and enjoy!

Jul 16, 2022 SprayGunner

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